12 Days of Dating Before Christmas – onenightfriendfree’s Holiday Dating Guide – Day 3


On the 3rd day of the Holidays my date he gave to me… 3 ways of cuddling.

If you go on a date, you’re probably hoping to get some cuddle/make-out action happening. Especially if you paid for dinner.

But how to make the bold move of getting close and wrapping your arms around her? Here are three ways we have devised to help you get a little closer to your holiday honey.

(photo by chocoreaper)

onenightfriendfree’s Holiday Dating Guide – Day 3

How to Get Your Cuddle On

1. Bring a blanket to a movie and snuggle up with your date as soon as the previews start rolling.

2. Tell her the place you’re going to is well heated (when it’s not) so when she enters underdressed you can share your coat with her. Then as you’re leaving tell her you’re cold and snuggle under the coat with her.

3. Take your date ice-skating. It is a cold and tiring activity, she’ll surely want to cuddle afterward.


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