12 Days of Dating Before Christmas – onenightfriendfree’s Holiday Dating Guide – Day 5


On the 5th day of Holidays my WOO love gave to me, 5 ways to get the “jingle” you’ve been waiting for, 4 bottles of whiskey3 ways of cuddling2 kinds of cookies and a mistletoe so he can kiss me.

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onenightfriendfree’s Holiday Dating Guide – Day 5

5 Ways to Get the “Jingle” You’ve Been Waiting For (without being desperate)

I got a  text from a Jewish girlfriend of mine the other day that said: “OMG. Cutest guy in line at the grocery store. He was perfect. Jewish! Totally flirted with me, but didn’t ask me for my number : ( ”

This happens all the time. You meet “the one.” Smiles are exchanged, pheromones are exuded, but alas the deal never gets sealed. There’s a natural instinct for a woman to preserve her pride and allow the guy to do the asking. If he doesn’t, they’ll assume he’s not interested. Fact is, you may not be as good at flirting as you think you are. Practice these five dating tips while you’re shopping this Holiday season to make sure you get the “jingle” you’ve been waiting for.

Set up is important
It won’t be possible for you to practice these tips if you’re not anywhere near the cutie you’re trying to nab. Join his line in the grocery store or “accidentally” bump into him in the shopping mall. Now that you’ve got his attention you can work on the hook.

Opposites don’t Necessarily Attract
Ask him some personal questions about his hobbies. If he responds with something like “I play guitar a lot” this is the perfect opportunity for you to express an interest in learning the same hobby. Make sure you apply an innocent expression to your face as you ask him to show you the ropes if your interest isn’t entirely genuine. This is a perfect opportunity to expand your horizons and try something new.

Find Out if He’s Available
Ask him if he has a girlfriend. This move is a little forward and slightly embarrassing if it turns out he does have a girlfriend. However, it’s better to know in most cases than not and this is one of the best ways to express interest without being too forward.

Let him know you’re single
Guys worth anything are as hesitant to put their pride on the line as you are. Throw him a bone and subtly let him know that you’re available. The key here is to be cryptic, as opposed to blatantly desperate.

Seal the Deal, Being Elusive is Key
Now that you’ve dropped a few hints about your availability, make sure to seal the deal by saying goodbye. Mutter something like, “maybe I’ll see you around” with a slightly sly, slightly innocent smile before turning on your heels and strutting away. If you’ve played your cards right he’ll run after you to grab your digits to make future plans.


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