12 Days of Dating Before Christmas – onenightfriendfree’s Holiday Dating Guide – Day 6


On the 6th day of Holidays my WOO love gave to me, 6 Stocking Stuffers, 5 ways to get the “jingle” you’ve been waiting for4 bottles of whiskey3 ways of cuddling2 kinds of cookies and a mistletoe so he can kiss me.

(photo by xlilbabydragonx)

6 Stocking Stuffers to Make Her Melt

Nothing says I’ve been thinking of you in a more adorable way than a stocking stuffer. No matter what religious background you hail from (even if it’s none at all), surely no one is opposed to getting a clean sock full of goodies to rifle through. Here are some flirtatious knick-knacks you can stuff her, I mean the stocking, with.

Mints. It’s a subtle hint (if needed) and a great excuse to get close to her. She opens the mints and you lean in and whisper to her that you’d like one as well. What a grand opportunity to nuzzle her neck.

An orange. High in vitamin C, not only will it get the juices flowing, it fills up the end of the sock so you don’t have to buy a load of items to fill up the stocking with. And you’ll come off as cute, charming and healthy.

A magazine. Stuff her stocking with a snobby magazine like the New Yorker or the Economist and show her how well read you are. Make sure you read it first so you can hold your own when she discusses the content with you.

Two small shot bottles of liquor. Get the party started with personal sized bottles of liquor. This is probably one of the only instances, besides on an airplane, where drinking these isn’t completely ghetto.

Candy necklace. Do not put real jewelry in the stocking. Jewelry is a hard gift to pull off, and you have to be quite serious about each other in order to do it. Play it safe and give her a candy necklace instead.

Gift Certificate. A simple amount of $25-$50 is the perfect amount. Some good ideas include her favorite spa, nail salon, her favorite boutique, blockbuster, or if the two of you are already hot and heavy you could get her a certificate to the lingerie store for some shared fun later in the night!


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