12 Days of Dating Before Christmas – onenightfriendfree’s Holiday Dating Guide – Day 8


On the 8th day of Holidays my WOO love gave to me, 8 steps to coercing that Xmas bunny to give you her phone number, 7 ways to keep in touch, 6 Stocking Stuffers5 ways to get the “jingle” you’ve been waiting for4 bottles of whiskey3 ways of cuddling2 kinds of cookiesand a mistletoe so he can kiss me.

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8 steps to coercing that Xmas bunny to give you her phone number

Look her in the eye. By holding her gaze you appear confident and focused. People who look away all the time while they’re talking seem uninterested, as well as uninteresting and possessing little confidence.

Smile. It’s interesting that most men post really serious pictures of themselves when girls like to be around someone who’s smiling and makes them feel safe. Do what most men don’t:  Smile and reap the benefits.

If she looks away graze her elbow or the back of her forearm with your hand. It’s personal enough to get her attention but not so personal that she feels like she’s getting fondled by a stranger.

Make a joke. If you’re naturally funny just be yourself, otherwise you’ll want to find a few good ones off the web and practice your delivery in the mirror. Remember, if you fumble, it’s all over. Tip:  Yo Mama, blonde and ethnically offensive jokes won’t work. Keep it classy.

Listen to what she’s saying – We can’t emphasize this tip enough. Everyone wants to be heard. Listen and ask questions to keep her engaged!

Gifting. If you’re serious about hitting on a lot of people this Holiday Season make sure you keep some little goodies in your pocket to gift people with. It could be little candy canes or perhaps a dradle. Anything to spread the holiday cheer will give others the idea that you’re giving and compassionate, both of which are attractive and cozy qualities, perfect for the holidays.

Don’t talk too long. You don’t want to appear needy and pathetic by hanging on her shirtsleeves. Cut the conversation short and start to walk away like you’re not going to ask for the number, then turn around, circle back and seal the deal.

Don’t screw up the closing. Make sure you keep the above tips in mind (hold eye contact, smile, appear as though you’re ready to listen to her response and touch her arm) and find a unique way to ask her if she’d like to keep in touch.


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