12 Days of Dating Before Christmas – onenightfriendfree’s Holiday Dating Guide – Day 9


9 techniques to get any girl into bed,  8 steps to coercing that Xmas bunny to give you her phone number7 ways to keep in touch, 6 Stocking Stuffers5 ways to get the “jingle” you’ve been waiting for4 bottles of whiskey3 ways of cuddling2 kinds of cookiesand a mistletoe so he can kiss me.

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9 techniques to get any girl into bed

1. Buy her a drink, then walk away. You’ll leave her confused and wondering why you didn’t stay around to try to get her to come home with you. Chances are she’ll come find you later to strike up a conversation. Try it, it works!

2. Talk to her friends, but ignore her. Well, don’t ignore her completely. Make sure you make eye contact with her while you’re talking to her friends. It will make her feel powerful. Then walk away for a bit and let her wonder where you are. Don’t come back around until a little later in the night, and surprise her with a drink and a smile.

3. Surround yourself with other people. Girls don’t like guys who are alone. They like guys who are surrounded by other females because it seems like you’re already “in the club” and they can trust you.

4. Bring a girlfriend (friend that’s a girl) or your sister out with you as your wingman. Scope out a girl you think is cute and have your female friend follow her to the bathroom and tell her you’re interested. The girl will be flattered that someone’s noticed her and will probably try to catch your eye for the rest of the night.

5. Establish yourself as the alpha male. Go out with a group of frirends who you can lead around. Girls like to be with the guy in charge who’s calling the shots. It lets her know that you’ll take care of her in bed.

6. Be a little silly on the dance floor. Step up to her while she’s dancing and do some stupid dancing to get their attention. Girls are so accostumed to guys coming up trying to grind up on them and they will appreciate some light hearted, non-aggressive fun. Remember, the way to a girl’s heart is, well, her heart. Make her smile.

7. Make sure you don’t have a ride home. Then ask girls you’ve been talking to for a ride home. When they’re dropping you off ask them if they want to come inside.

8. Flirt with every girl in the room! Get the vibe of who’s available and who’s not. After you get a feel for the room you’ll have an idea of who’s available to you. In the process they’ll notice you getting attention from all the other females and the one’s you’re interested will wonder whether or not they made the grade. Leave them waiting for a little bit and let them linger.

9.Approach the girl who’s standing alone. Trust me, she’s at a bar/club/venue, she does not want to be alone. Get your ish together and go over and say hello. Open with a joke or an interesting story to take the focus off the fact that you’re hitting on her.


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