12 Days of Dating Before Christmas: onenightfriendfree’s Holiday Dating Guide – Day One


We wanted to offer our beloved WOOers and anyone else who might happen to stumble upon this blog a complete guide to dating over the holidays. No matter what holiday you’re celebrating you’ll be sure to find at least a few tips that will make your Holidays merry and bright.

onenightfriendfree’s Holiday Dating Guide – Day 1

Use Mistletoe to Your Advantage

(Photo by Little Hunter)

The more the better. Don’t limit yourself to hanging it up at your house. Make everyone’s holiday a little bit brighter by hanging mistletoe up all around town. Put some up at work. Be a little sneaky Christmas elf and put some up at church or  your local grocery store and watch people blush as they look up to find themselves under the spell of the magic plant.

Obviously you should reap some of the kissing benefits as well. Make sure you think of some creative excuses to hang out underneath the mistletoe. Don’t forget to apply chapstick and rinse your mouth out with Listerine to increase the chances of you getting your smooch on well into the New Year.


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