onenightfriendfree Demo with Stephen Stokols


Stephen Stokols, George Berkowski, and Steven Sesar, designated representatives for the onenightfriendfree team at Techcrunch40, had a jam packed 2 days at the conference last Monday and Tuesday meeting with other startups, prospective investors, and the press for the first time. Check out the video below of our fearless leader, Stephen Stokols, walking Michael Bazeley from Podtech through a onenightfriendfree site demonstration.


onenightfriendfree Stands Up and Delivers at TechCrunch40


After adhering to the TechCrunch40 press embargo for nearly a month it
was finally time for founders Stephen Stokols and George Berkowski to
take the stage and unveil to the world for the very first time,

The team presented during the final session of the conference,
“Entertainment for All Ages,” something about saving the best for last
we think! Highlights from the presentation included a demo session with
Techcrunch40 hosts and participants, Michael Arrington, Jason Calacanis
and MC Hammer and Nicolas Zennstrom’s (Skype founder) providing
his view that onenightfriendfree will “revolutionize the way in which people communicate.”

An esteemed panel of internet experts kicked off their evaluation of companies with a candid discussion of onenightfriendfree’s prospects. onenightfriendfree received “mad” props from the queen of web 2.0 herself, Caterina Fake, founder of Flicker who responded to a question by Jason Calacanis asking which of the companies she liked, with an enthusiastic and vocal “onenightfriendfree, A+, loved it!!” Well Caterina, You are officially invited to the onenightfriendfree party we are planning in 2008 for our one millionth registered user!

onenightfriendfree also received a positive response from Loïc Le Meur, well-known French serial entrepreneur, who suggested the only reason he himself might not use onenightfriendfree is for fear of his wife hitting him!! But, the good vibes didn’t stop with the panel. Check out some of the positive coverage onenightfriendfree has received over the past couple of days following our presentation

Evan Williams, Twitter Founder – “onenightfriendfree will be huge”

Venture Beat

Financial Times

Internet News

TechCrunch40 Woo’d by onenightfriendfree


onenightfriendfree is proud to finally announce that we have been selected as 1 of only 40 companies, among over 740 entries, to present, demo and launch our company at the inaugural TechCrunch40 Conference on Tuesday, September 18th at 3:45PM. We are honored to have been selected by a distinguished panel of judges that includes Michael Arrington and Jason Callcanis and to participate in such a selective event that.

We intend to use TechCrunch40 to announce our Alpha, come out of stealth mode and unveil our platform publicly for the very first time. Additional details about onenightfriendfree are forthcoming and we will be sure to provide more information about our platform following our presentation at TechCrunch40, subject to the remaining publicity embargo surrounding our participation in the event.

Those interested in being among the very first to discover, engage and participate in onenightfriendfree’s expanded Alpha are encouraged to register at

Who can you WOO?

Inaugural Blog Post – Alpha Test Update


After numerous requests by friends, family, investors, and industry pundits, we have finally launched the official blog. Our team has had their heads down, plugging away in development mode for the past number of months, so on behalf of the entire team, let me be the first to apologize for not getting the blog launched sooner. Now that our alpha test is well on its way, we felt it only appropriate to finally launch so that we could share all of the company’s ongoing developments, including updates to the alpha test, beta test, public launch, product enhancement among many other company changes, to all those interested in the progress of our little company.

So, lets get into it. What is onenightfriendfree all about anyway?? For now, as a company still in “stealth” mode, the following is our public position: “onenightfriendfree, is a stealth mode, consumer internet company, in the process of developing an interactive consumer application, making use of newly available technology to deliver the next addictive consumer Internet product. With a world wide team based in San Francisco and offices in London and Los Angeles, onenightfriendfree has put together a world class product and management team set to captivate the social networking consumer internet space with the launch of” Are we being just a little vague? Sure we are. Is this intentional? Absolutely! Company and product details to follow over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!! Oh yeah, and don’t forget to register at so we can reserve an invitation for you to our private beta over the next couple of months. For now, what we can share is that we officially launched for alpha testing to close friends and family last week. All of those invited to our closed private alpha test are part of the onenightfriendfree inner circle, people who are committed to helping us improve our product by virtue of providing honest feedback. The alpha test has been incredibly successful thus far, with a very positive reception to the products concept and incredibly honest, constructive criticism that we intend to bake back into the product over the coming days, weeks and months. And the feedback has been coming from everyone involved, including the company’s CEO, Stephen Stokols’ wife Anne, who as it turns out has been our harshest critic. Thanks for the feedback Anne! When you have an alpha test that includes those closest to you, you know that you are going to get a very honest assessment. A good thing no doubt, so our team can work through product bugs and launch with a far more interesting, compelling, and fun application for the public at large. We will continue to provide company updates as they occur on our official blog going forward. Personally, speaking, I look forward to the day I can share the details of our company once we move out of “stealth” mode. It’s not so easy providing updates about a product nobody knows about and a company few have ever heard of to an audience we don’t yet know. We expect that to change soon. Are you ready for onenightfriendfree?

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