San Francisco Movers & Shakers Use onenightfriendfree for New Wave Networking – onenightfriendfree Now, Party Later!


San Francisco socialite Adriana Gascoigne joined forces with onenightfriendfree last week to host an incredibly successful networking party for a select group of San Francisco movers & shakers. Invite only guests participated in over 20 topical live video/audio speed sessions on The diverse group, ranging from investment bankers to musicians, made for a variety of speed session topics ranging from “San Francisco foodies that want to talk about food” to “Yogis, dancers and artists unite”, there was something for everyone.

onenightfriendfree is continuing to host social events across the Bay Area. October 30th at 8:00 pm, onenightfriendfree is teaming up with UC Berkeley to host the first ever college meet-n-greet. Berkeley students will have the opportunity to meet 5 people in 5 minutes across a variety of sessions including, but not limited to:

onenightfriendfree is taking the Bay Area social scene by storm. Join the action, register early at:

Limited Time, Accepting Users for Early Access


Now is your chance to get early access to , the fun fast and free way to meet people, before your friends! After completing some recent enhancements onenightfriendfree is ready to send out a limited number of invitations next week, selected at random, to a handful of lucky WOOers to test drive the site.

If you haven’t already done so, go ahead and register at and maybe you will become one of the lucky few that can start WOOing !

Techcrunch40 – Full Video of the Demo


For all of you who have been waiting to watch the video of our TechCrunch40 demo, here it is:


No Brad, Webcams don’t make you look fat!


Brad Stone writes an interesting piece about onenightfriendfree in the New York Times. He asks the question: ‘So can online-speed dating work (as a business, and as a way of meeting someone special)?’ We clearly think the answer is yes. But we think the answer is a bit more complicated in that users of the onenightfriendfree platform will help drive the direction this business goes – onenightfriendfree is an introductions platform. Anyone can use it to meet new friends, find a new room mate, a travel companion or romance. In our eyes the applications are as broad as people’s imagination.

Never-the-less, check out the article:

Saving Lives Everyday!


We always knew traditional online dating sites were inherently flawed, given their focus on long extended profiles and computer algorithms to connect people of similar interests.

However, it wasn’t until our team stumbled upon the article below that we knew how equally dangerous they could actually be.

Chinese teen kills self when blind date turns ugly — report

I don’t think we ever envisioned onenightfriendfree used to reduce violent deaths online, but one cannot overlook the fact that had this 17-year-old boy from northeastern China introduced himself on onenightfriendfree first, the violence could have been averted!

Prevent online violence, register now at

Who can you WOO?

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