Favorite onenightfriendfree User of the Week


Meet Boston Joe. He’s been Woo’ing since spring of 2008 and made his WOO imprint by heckling users with his Photoshop skills. I wonder how much time he spends editing these photos. Probably more than we can imagine, which is why he made it onto our blog!

There was a time that Joe was enemies with popular user rdot.

“He didn’t like Rdot at first mainly cuz he was jealous that all the girls knew him,” said BritBlink. “He even admits it in a video.”

(Video of Joe spreading lies about popular user Rdot)

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Hot Grandma Gets Woo’d


onenightfriendfree is about having a good time and meeting new people. It doesn’t take a made-up face or a smoking body to be a favorite on onenightfriendfree (although, just like in real life, that usually doesn’t hurt). What it does take is an ability to relax, be genuine and let the good times roll.

These users won us over by being themselves and getting their goofy on.

Mofongo is Woo’d over by hot Grandma

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Top 5 onenightfriendfree TV videos of the week: Tila Tequila meets her fans, LIVE!


Tila Tequila‘s sessions filled fast as onenightfriendfree users scrambled to meet the infamous reality TV star.

“Yes we can” she yelled as she expressed her support for Obama’s win in the 2008 election. Tila was down to earth and actually very sweet, although she didn’t seem to care about the physical prowress of the candidates and Rdot’s fantasy about a fight at the Octagon. Got to give her props for keeing the ball rolling and showing rdot and TheOysta a good time.

Tila meets a cowboy!

Tila meets TheOysta

And … some of our favorite music videos on onenightfriendfree TV!

Kylee wakes up to a dance off. I think she dances in every video. Maybe you should hit her up and find out.

Shhhhh … cuz Jackee has something important to share with y’all … cuz she be ill. (WARNING: Rated R for language)

Self proclaimed gangsta shows love to his Woo angel. What do you think, is she Woo’d over?

Top onenightfriendfree TV Videos of the Week – Non-Society Bloggers Get Political


This week in the onenightfriendfree TV chronicles, NonSociety.com bloggers Julia Allison, Meghan Asha and Mary Rambin talking politics with their fans and a rare but quirky breed flocking to their webcams to release their inner selves. Whether it’s crazy late night run-ins with the cops or re-enacting an old time musical classic in a Hawaiian outfit, we find that onenightfriendfree brings together a special blend of peculiar, idiosyncratic and unique people.

Non-society bloggers, Julia Allison, Meghan Asha and Mary Rambin getting political

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