User of the Week: Keki958 Pops onenightfriendfree TV Cherries


Keki958 is one of the most popular WOOers on onenightfriendfree TV because she makes people feel good, making it hard to get a spot in her sessions. Her charm stem from the fact she’s unaware of her ability to bring a smile to the faces of everyone she meets.

“Wear a smile and have friends, wear a scowl and have wrinkles,” George Eliot once said.

Keki958 proves this to be true as she exemplifies the advice we give everyone on our help page: Smile, be interesting and be open minded. It works!! Watch and see for yourself…

Keki958 Pops onenightfriendfree TV Cherries

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Top Videos of the Week: All I Want for Christmas is WOO!


Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you all were able to travel safely without too much hassel and enjoy yourself without letting the stress of the holiday preparation get to you!

This is our first Christmas with onenightfriendfree TV. Watch Tiffany dress up as Santa’s little helper, find out what put Ben on Santa’s naughty list this year and maybe you can tell me whether Santa is drunk or not in the videos below!

Is Santa Drunk?!

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User of the Week: Bandana the Secret to Dumb2Do’s WOOs


I tried to get ahold of Dumb2Do to ask him what his name meant but I didn’t hear back before I this blog posting, so sad. I had to do a post about him ASAP because he cracks my sh*t up YO. Seriously, this guy is the opposite of camera shy and anything but dumb. Get ahold of him on camera and see for yo’ self!

Dumb2Do first caught my eye when I found him flirting with Jannabanana on cam and he was wearing a bandana. I can read the wedding headlines now: “Bandana falls for Jannabanana in the onenightfriendfree cabana and have kids named Joanna”. HAHAHA. Just kidding.

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Top Videos of the Week: WOOers have Mad Props, literally.


What was life like before onenightfriendfree TV? I think I was probably watching re-runs of Family Guy. Now, I’m addicted to watching (and sometimes cringing) at just how eager I looked flirting with that cute guy from Colorado. (Do I always twirl my hair like that?!)

There is no content being distributed on the web that is more organic and real than what is being shared with you on onenightfriendfree. Today I want to share with you users going beyond the traditional “Hello, where are you from,” introduction by taking it to the next level, integrating bits and pieces and of their life into their WOO chat sessions.

Jannabanana lays the smack down in session with Dumb2Do … with a username like that though, you think he had it coming?

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Meet Christine Dolce aka Forbidden


Visit onenightfriendfree Wednesday Dec. 17 at 4 p.m. PST to meet Christine Dolce aka Forbidden the “Queen of MySpace” as hailed by Vanity Fair magazine!

Her sessions are sure to fill up quickly so make sure you sign up fast and that you’ve got something clever to talk to her about! The best videos will be posted on the blog this Thursday!

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