Top Videos of the Week: Who’s Booty Has Got More Swag?


The onenightfriendfree Community is going off the hinges! The facebook fanpage is nearing 1,000 members AND I’ve found a couple blogs around the internet devoted to onenightfriendfree videos, not to mention the tutorials and funny introductions being posted to YouTube. We’re seeing a ridiculously active and entertaining culture emerging!

It reminds me of when the Harry Potter books were published and fans around the world created sites devoted to Hogwarts, muggles and the infamous Gryffindor House. In fact, I still have a friend whose MySpace URL contains a reference to Harry Potter, the legendary Gryffindor.

So, thank you to all our fans. We couldn’t, and wouldn’t want to, do it with out you. Feel free to send me your fan stories and links to videos you think are good enough to make the blog! community[at]onenightfriendfree[dot]com.

So, who’s ghetto booty has got more swag??

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Top Videos of the Week: I’m Not Sure I would Do What She Did…


I still can’t get over just how real onenightfriendfree TV is. You really never know who you’re going to meet. Sometimes WE don’t even know who you’re going to meet! Last Tuesday you had a chance to meet comedic internet personality Timothy DeLaghetto as well as Internet Vixen Christine Dolce aka ForBiddeN , both who published some amusing videos. Check out their profiles to find them!

And check out these great videos from some old school WOOers as some get a little saucy, others a little bossy.

There’s a lot of things I would do for $3.2 million, but not this…

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Threesome – King and Queen of MySpace and Some Naked Guy


Christine Dolce aka ForBiddeN was busy getting her WOO on last week in video chat sessions, chillaxin, doin her thang, meeting her fans, when out of the blue Timothy DeLaghetto, the King of MySpace (go ahead, google it!) hopped on to WOO the internet hottie hailed by Vanity Fair as the “Queen of MySpace”.

Watch as the King and Queen of MySpace rap about life, being a celebrity, and whether or not there’s a naked dude roaming around DeLaghetto’s pad.

Top Videos of the Week: If a Guy Told You Your Face Made His Dog Throw Up, What Would YOU Say??


Exciting times here at onenightfriendfree TV!

Christine Dolce aka ForBiddeN (man is that a mouthful) hopped on the site yesterday afternoon to meet her fans and published some insane stuff. AND, YouTube celebrity Timothy Delaghetto jumped in some sessions with her! If you got a chance to exchange verbiage with either of these cool cats then thank your lucky stars that you have the video to prove it right here on onenightfriendfree TV.

Hang tight, the onenightfriendfree TV videos will be uploaded to the blog by the tic of the clock. We still have PLENTY of other footage for you to salivate over.

The Advice Guys’ dog throws up on cam.

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Top Videos of the Week: He’s Got His Gift in a Box (think Justin Timberlake…)


This week on onenightfriendfree we were keeping our eyes out for some out of the ordinary examples of good WOOs. Not just your run-of-the-mill “Hi, how are you, where are you from” stuff, but something that will inspire WOOers everywhere to go for the gold and WOO like there was no tomorrow, because let’s face it, WOO knows what tomorrow brings, and WOO really cares?? Live in the moment, and share your poppin’ personality with the person who is waiting eagerly, with anticipation, on the other side of the webcam.

Does a guy kissing a guy WOO you?

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