Top Videos of the Week: Don’t Be Shy Baby, onenightfriendfree Loves You!


I love posting my onenightfriendfree videos to my social networks and blogs. Inevitably though, some dude gets all shy and nervous and removes the video, rendering all links to our beautiful onenightfriendfree rendezvous useless and broken.

This sucks!

I want to share our video and re-watch the way I nervously twirl my hair as I bite down on my lower lip, a nervous string of giggles escaping from my lips before I can get past “hello how are you?”

I want to watch you sing that love song to me, that I’m sure you’re not playing for anyone else, as you nervously shift back and forth in your computer chair keeping rhythm to your song.

I wanna make us go viral baby, so pretty please, keep your videos up! If not for me, for you and your fans. Remember, you’re perfect just the exactly the way you were born, no need to be shy ;)

Irish lad and lassie want to practice making HOT babies. Practice makes perfect you know!

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User of the Week: Girls Go Crazy for Hosts of DranksTV


A world of drinks awaits you, but where do you find them? In a world where new products and services are being offered up every day it can be hard to know where to look to find the best of them. But if it’s drinks you’re looking for, DranksTV is the place to take a looksie and will keep you up to date on the latest and greatest of them all.

The DranksTV website is home to webisodes starring Adam Graf, Victor “LT” Nevarez and Ben Pelley in which they review relatively unheard of drinks while you watch. Drinking everything from soda to chocolate milk, you can watch them partake in witty banter about whether or not the drink was good, mediocre or outright bad as they wipe the remnants of the beverages off their lips.

They started the show last October and it wasn’t long before they picked up sponsors and began to catch the attention of small drink companies across the nation who send them their products to taste and review, keeping the boys very busy as they scramble to finish their homework and make it all happen, all in the comforts of their small dormortory room at school. They’re currently not reviewing alcoholic beverages (as the hosts are under 21) but have plans to start very soon with special guest hosts of the legal drinking age.

The boys visited onenightfriendfree recently to meet their fans and to share their passion for all things drink related. So pop open your favorite cola and get WOOing ladies, these boys are pretty darn cute.

Rachel contains her excitement long enough to tell Adam to stop picking his nose.

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Top Videos of the Week: Real Picture Please And, oh. NO Stomach Shots Please, Thanks!


Let’s face it, if onenightfriendfree is your first stab at joining an online social network, you’re probably pretty nervous. That’s okay, we were all new at one point or another, so don’t worry, we’re here to help you have a good time, I promise.

During your initial experience on onenightfriendfree, you may have been guilty of uploading a fuzzy picture of yourself that was barely recognizable or a cartoon image that slightly resembled you. As a girl you may have posted a close up of your eyes, or the classic shot taken from above, pointed down directly over your cleavage.

A a guy you may have posted a picture that omitted your face as you attempted to show off the lean, toned and tanned muscles you cultivated over hours of sweaty repetitions at the gym.

Hehe, this is funny and every time I get nudged by a random stomach I giggle to myself.

You need a picture of your face, not your stomach, not a friend who’s better looking than you, not a windows desktop icon. You’re going to be on camera anyway so no use trying to hide behind that profile image! Remember, love yourself first and the world will love WOO.

Watch the videos below to see what I mean!

What do you do when you’re too drunk to drive? WOO some pretty ladies of course!

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Top Videos of the Week: How Much Tongue is Appropriate for A Valentine’s Day Kiss??


Valentine’s Day is coming up, are you excited yet??

If you’ve already met the love of your life then you’re certainly excited about buying them fresh flowers and taking them to dinner where they spread little heart candies, laden with mushy proclamations of love, across the table and attach heart shaped balloons to the backs of the chairs.

For most of us reading this, however, this just will not be the case. It’s nothing to cry about though!

If you’re single, opportunities abound await you! Enjoy the freedom that the single life offeres and spread your hustle around racking up all the onenightfriendfree hotties your little heart desires!

And if you’re looking for a date, take some initiative, get your game face ready (please read last week’s post which covered the importance of looking good on cam), and get your WOO on people! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so if you want someone to snuggle with you best get WOOin’.

Raj elaborates on cute booties

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Top Videos of the Week: Take off Your Coffee Stained Tee and Wash Your Hair


Hey guys, girls, style matters. Just because you’re basking in the comforts of home does not entitle you to kick back and turn on the webcam before you shower.

I mean, if you were going to club you wouldn’t wear your coffee stained tee and last year’s Christmas slippers would you? No. No you wouldn’t, and if you did no one would talk to you, although they might take a picture of you to post on Facebook.

We’ve actually posted this tip right up on the help section of our site, so listen up:  If you want to nab yourself some Hookups you gots to look good.

This chick looks FLY. She could be all up in Hollywood rubbing elbows with the hipster elite, and according to Rkrieg she be looking good enough to “WOO the world”.

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