Be Cool: Tips and Tricks


This week’s cool tip: Have good taste in music.

To be cool you have to know about today’s good music and also about yesterday’s. You will like folk rock but have a disdain for country. You will know the difference between house and jungle and you will only like the one that is cool (house). You will love the Beastie Boys and know their hit songs by heart. You will not only know the name of every song off of the “Little Miss Sunshine” track by heart but will also have DeVotchka’s “Til the End of Time” on your favorites playlist.

You will know the top 40 hits and love one or two of them while having contempt for the rest (you will have hated Rihanna’s “Disturbia” but loved Kate Perry’s “I kissed a Girl” in summer of 2008).

Stefanie and Branden listen to Corey Hart’s 1983 hit single “Sunglasses At Night.” Classic hit, therefore very cool.

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Guest Celebrity from “The Hills” on onenightfriendfree


A special guest celebrity from “the Hills” is coming to meet her fans on Tuesday May 5th at 4 p.m. PST! RSVP to the facebook event and sign up for onenightfriendfree tweets to get hot tips before the appearance!!

He Spun for Soulja Boy, Now It’s Your Turn


DJ WOOGIE, who spun for the notorious Soulja Boy in February of this year in Scranton Pennsylvania, is going to be in LIVE video chat sessions this Wednesday to talk about how he started his career in the entertainment industry and where his creative business ventures are taking him.

A self-made man, DJ WOOGIE lives his life spinning for some of the bigger names in the industry and promoting his own urban clothing line, as well as working with one of THE biggest hip/hop video sites on the net,

Set to go on an international tour this summer, DJ WOOGIE is making time to meet up with YOU on onenightfriendfree for LIVE voice and video chat sessions this Wednesday. RSVP to the facebook event to get last minute updates and the chance to win a free download of his most recent mixtape!

Fans of Jay Cutler “Gawk” over Notorious Non Society Blogger


Julia Allison, famous simply for being the subject of internet blog gossip and for her own site, NonSociety, has made it back into the spotlight recently after some late night romancing on the dance floor with Chicago Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler.

This rendezvous created such a stir that she became the No. 1 search term on google said Gawker columnist Owen Thomas yesterday afternoon.

Still don’t quite know who she is? Check out her onenightfriendfree profile and send her a WOO to see for yourself! But be careful, lest she make you notorious in the elite circles of internet gossip as well!

See!! Looks like they’re sucking this bloke into their NonSociety team!

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Reality TV Model LIVE on onenightfriendfree TV


Mandy Lynn, reality TV star, goes beyond twitter to meet fans LIVE on onenightfriendfree for in-browser voice and video chat sessions.

Like Twitter, the onenightfriendfree platform allows celebs to broadcast themselves in exciting new ways and interact with fans in a real time, one-on-one basis.

Mandy Lynn, Reality TV personality and Playboy Playmate, takes celebrity social networking to the next level by meeting her fans LIVE on onenightfriendfree’s revolutionary platform on Wednesday April 15th at 4 p.m. PST.

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