Top Ten: Tips & Tricks – What NOT to Say On a First Date


Whether you are meeting someone for the first time in person or on onenightfriendfree, there are some things you should never bring up while getting to know someone. Here’s a list of things NOT to say on the first date in the hopes that you can score a second one! Enjoy!

1. “My ex … “ Never start any conversation with these two words, just don’t. We don’t care, we don’t want to hear about how great or awful they are, or anything about them. If you’re over them, you won’t need to talk about it.

2. “This one time in prison … “ Unless you want to have a conversation about soap on your first date you should probably steer clear of this conversation. At least wait until the second date.

3. “OMG I was SO drunk last night and …” Unless you’re 19 (and so are they), this story is not going to impress anyone so just refrain.

4. “I’m really close to my mother … and, well my mom says … my mom didn’t like that, so … “ Okay, this one pertains to the boys reading this. Quit talking about your mother! The last thing your date wants to hear is how great your mother is followed by a list of qualities she either does not posses, or cannot live up to.

5. “I’m an actor”. Maybe this is only pertains to people who live in Hollywood? In case you ever go there you should know this is likely to have the effect on your date that the Orkin Man has on the roach colony in your stoner friend’s apartment.

6. “L. Ron Hubbard is such a good science fiction author.” Unless you’re dating a Scientologist this probably is not a good idea.

7. “I love Ed Hardy.” You might as well wear a sign that says “Hi, I’m a douche.”

8. “I’ve cheated on every girl/boyfriend I’ve ever had.” Um, I don’t think I even have to explain why this is dumb.

9. “I have a girlfriend/boyfriend, but I really like you.” Okay, then do me a teeny tiny little favor and break up with them BEFORE the date, thanks!

10. “I have these weird sores … “ Um, okay. You know what, I let’s just pretend this date never happened…

**Disclaimer: Please know that this was written for comedic purposes. Everyone has probably been guilty of one of the top 10 offenses at one time or another, use this post as an opportunity to laugh at yourself!

Top Ten: Tips & Tricks – How to Improve Your Conversation Skills


Being a good conversationalist is a skill. Here is a list of 10 interesting conversation tips that you can use during your onenightfriendfree chats.

1. Ask questions. Create a list of 10 questions you can ask while you’re in onenightfriendfree video chat sessions. Watch EricaMichelle ask interesting and pertinent questions. She does such a great job Jonathan ends the conversation by asking to talk to her more. This could be you!!

video chat about hey ;)

video chat about This will only hurt a little ;)

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Top Ten: Tips & Tricks – How To be Better at Online Dating

Tweet is a great place to meet people for dating and friendship from all over the world using in-browser voice and video chat features. The biggest mistake you can make when you meet someone in a chat session is to be utterly boring! Here is a list of 10 things you can do to make your chat sessions more interesting.

1. Give the person you’re talking to a compliment! Everyone likes to feel special.

2. Shake it up a little bit with some dance moves.

video chat about crank that

video chat about watch me dance

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