Free Dating Advice: When To Go Back To His Place


How many dates do you go on before you accept his invitation back to his place?

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Dating Tips:  How To Make A Relationship Last

If you’re looking for a long term relationship, it’s best to wait at least three dates before letting him tour your lady garden, possibly a few more, before you put out. This dating advice for women is given for a number of reasons.

Firstly, you don’t want to seem easy, right? Do guys want to marry a girl who puts out on the first date? Probably not, so keep it under control and you’re likely to make a good first impression.

Secondly, if you’re looking for a match made in heaven, sex isn’t the only thing you’ll need to assess. A preemptive romp in the sheets can color your ability to make a wise decision about your date’s potential. Women release a chemical called oxytocin when they have sex which often causes them to bond with the person who was present when the chemical was released. If you get attached before you are able to assess your match’s mental, emotional and financial capabilities, you might find yourself in an a bad relationship that could be hard to extricate yourself from.

Dating Tips:  How To Keep Things Casual

If you’re just looking to tickle your fancy because you’re trying to get over an old flame, or you’re just not at a point in your life where you’re ready to commit, then go for the gold on date one, you have nothing to lose.

It’s always important to make sure that you’re both on the same level in regards to commitment, however. Even boys can get attached. To avoid any hurt feelings over miscommunication make sure that your intentions are clearly stated before rushing into something where someone might get hurt.

Webcam Dating:  Meet People Online

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Dating Advice: How To Get a Kiss on the First Date


You like all the same music, you believe in all the same societal and political issues and her lips are full, pouty and waiting for a smooch.

But how do you actually make that happen?

Free Dating Advice

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The biggest mistake you can make is to try to make the first move in the car. It’s awkward, she’ll have to lean over the arm rest and if you lean in and she says no you have no opportunity to make a get away unless you awkwardly ask her to get out of the car right away.

Park your car and walk the girl up to her door. If she wasn’t smitten with you yet, this will definitely increase your chances. Stroll with her all the way to her door, tell her what a great time you had a grab her hand. If she doesn’t pull away, now’s your chance, take it! Lean in and hook that shit up. You may even score an invitation inside if your kissing skills are off the hook.

If you’re looking to meet someone who you can try to kiss check out onenightfriendfree video chat.

Internet Safety


Read a user’s blog post today that touched on the topic of internet security.

This user wrote about an experience that he had on onenightfriendfree. A scammer tried to lure him to an external hookup site in order to get him to enter his personal information.

This particular scam evolved over the course of an entire hour. The hookup girl posed as a real onenightfriendfree user trying to meet new people and eventually tried to lure her victim to an external video chat site where he was required him to divulge his full name, address and banking information.

This sort of scam is, unfortunately, all too prevalent on the World Wide Web. Here’s some things to keep in mind whether you’re on hookup sites or other social networking or online dating sites.

Meeting new people is fun, however, one should always exercise caution when interacting with strangers. Never take candy from a stranger, and never share your personal information on the internet.

Where To Go On A First Date


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So, you’re finally ready to meet the dude/gal you’ve been video chatting with, IRL, but where to go, what to do?

The worst thing you can do on a first date is go to dinner. Dinner is likely to take at least an hour and a half and it’s impossible to politely escape if it ends up being a total flop. Not only are you likely going to have to wait for a table (unless he’s taking you to a cheap-o place with no wait or he was thoughtful enough to make reservations), but she/he might order an appetizer which will add at least 20 minutes to the experience. And then, what if they order dessert?!

Keep the first date short and simple. Coffee is the best, lunch if you’re pretty sure that he/she is at least semi-normal (you really never know, it’s too easy to be uber anonymous on the internet).

It’s up to you, but remember, you can always go back for more if you haven’t had your fill of said hottie on date number one.

What are Lady Cougars and Where to Find Them


Today I read a survey that said an increasing amount of women in Britain are going after younger men. I wonder if that’s actually increasing, or if women are becoming more open about their sexual preferences and desires in the years since the release of the widely known lady cougar film, The Graduate.

What is a Lady Cougar?

According to Urban Dictionary:

A 35+ year old female who is on the “hunt” for a much younger, energetic, willing-to-do-anything male.

“Hot” and “MILF” also come to mind when I think of cougars.

What Do Lady Cougars Like About Younger Men?

Women supposedly reach their sexual peak around the age of 30, while men reach theirs in their twenties so it makes sense that older women would find their best sexual match among a group of twenty-something men.

Many people believe that women develop higher levels of confidence in their early thirties; levels they might not be capable of reaching in their twenties due to a number of society and physiological reasons.

The cognitive functioning of the human brain doesn’t fully develop until one reaches the age of twenty-five. For women this could mean making poor decisions about their sexual partners, leading to lowered confidence and awkward match-making situations. As they mature they are able to provide themselves with more satisfying partners. Combined with more emotional stability they gain the confidence to let go of self-conscious behavior and perform better under the sheets.

Where to Find Cougars

Most cougars hang out in big cities where there are lots of young men to choose from, hence sprouting the recently popular term “urban cougar”. You can do a cougar search in your area to find lady cougars close to you.

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