Toyota: Still In Trouble, After 9 Years!


According to the New York Times Toyota’s Prius acceleration FAIL began nine years ago! WTF! And possibly led to 34 deaths in that time period, which is sad.

Toyota has posted loads of video and social media propaganda, literally strewn across a plethora of social networks, all but onenightfriendfree. What gives? Maybe they’re afraid. I mean, they wouldn’t have any down time to compose the “right” answer which, as we pointed out earlier in this post, they still don’t seem to have a clue about anyway.

Seriously though, Toyota is great. They still have our support. Just because they have some intermittent deadly acceleration problems doesn’t make them bad in our book, they still last a lot longer than a Ford!

Adam Lambert Jealous of Susan Boyle


If Adam Lambert has something to say to Susan Boyle we think he should at least have balls to say it to her face.

Imagine a onenightfriendfree chat with Lambert and Boyle, who would WOO who? We think that if Lambert watched Boyle live, face to face, he might start singing a different tune. Hey, his album might even sell as much as hers does, or maybe Rolling Stone will put him on their cover next!

And on a side note, we did a quick google search for images of Adam Lambert looking especially bad and couldn’t find any. Looks like his eyeliner isn’t just for looking good, it also gives him an extra special photogenic protective bubble.

Toss Salad, Not Cookies: When Drunk Girls Go Bad


Only hit on girls that are drunk. That’s what the bros in the 40 year old virgin suggest. But sometimes drunk is stupid, and when it is you want to drive your date home before she has a chance to toss her cookies. Remember, the goal is to toss salad, not cookies!

The sloppy drunk girl

This could be really fun and entertaining or really annoying, depending on how much she falls and how much sense she’s making when she’s talking. Sometimes drunk is adorable.

And sometimes it’s not…

And in that case you’re going to want to get her home while the night is still young and you still have a chance of meeting a friendly, and sane, companion to spend the night with who doesn’t channel the spirit of Sybil while getting toasty.

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The World’s Greatest Threesome: Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie


Killer Threesome #1:  Pitt, Jolie and Aniston

News has been circulating heavily that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are on their way to divorce, however, they claim there is no legitimacy to this story and have filed a lawsuit against News of the World for posting articles about their (supposed) breakup. News of the World has refused to retract their story, does this mean it might be true?

If Pitt and Jolie are starting to go their separate ways, what better time to make good with Aniston by having a V-Day Threeway? Now THAT would be news.

Here are some other recent celebrity splits that would make OUT OF THIS WORLD V-Day Threeways.

Killer Threesome # 2:  Madonna, Jesus Luz and, old flame, Guy Ritchie.

Can’t really imaging this many muscles flexing all at once, but hey, it would probably be very aerobic.

Killer Threesome #3:  Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner and Justin Timberlake

What better way to bring sexy back then add Justin Timberlake to the mix? He and Taylor Swift could sing a few ballads to Lautner after the night is over to mend his breaking heart.

Killer Threesome #4:  Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren and Dennis Rodman

I mean, Tiger would get all the action he could ever handle, we’re sure, with Rodman at the helm, and Elin would finally be satisfied.

Killer Threesome #5:  Jamie Lynn Spears, Casey Aldridge and Britney Spears

Every man’s dream is to be in bed with two sisters and Brit could start making headlines again.

10 Steps to A Valentine’s Day Threesome


onenightfriendfree just released their 10 step guide on how to score a threesome this Valentine’s Day, and man is it awesome.

Why did we release this guide for Valentine’s Day? Well, for a few reasons.

Firstly, Valentine’s Day SUCKS for the majority of the population, who is single. Couples everywhere flaunt their “so-called” happiness by buying carnations for each other and “making-love” after an overpriced dinner at the local five-star hangout. Therefore, we decided to tweak the holiday and turn it into an event we ALL can enjoy, not just those in serious relationships.

Secondly, Team onenightfriendfree is a little crazy and we like to have fun. You know, we like to party, meet new people, hit pinatas once in awhile and dare to be different. This is the mentality that the whole site was built on: Meeting people and having a crazy good time.

Indulge us, won’t you? Click the image below to read the “10 Steps on How To Have a V-Day Threeway.” Don’t worry, the guide is tasteful and fun, something even the most conservative of folk could enjoy. We can even envision Sarah Palin chuckling over it as she sips her cup of English Breakfast tea at the breakfast table before she forwarding it to Dick Cheney for some laughs.

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