Be a star on the WOO’er Walk of Fame!


Every day, thousands of onenightfriendfree users play sessions that become videos on onenightfriendfreeTV to be seen by the whole world in an instant. Most videos are people meeting live, talking and having fun but sometimes we find videos of real stars; WOO’ers who take each session as 60 seconds to do whatever it takes to impress and captivate their audience. These users make an experience that the other user will never forget – and neither will anyone who watches their video chat. To celebrate and honor these remarkable individuals, we are asking all of our users:

Do you have what it takes to be FEATURED on the WOO’er Walk of Fame?

In order to be nominated for the WOO’er Walk of Fame, you must:
1) Check out our Facebook page and ‘LIKE’ us
2) ‘FOLLOW’ us on Twitter!
3) Tweet us @onenightfriendfree and tell us why you are an All-Star Woo’er!

We are now accepting submissions from our users who are the cream of the crop, the cat’s meow, the bee’s knees. Apply if you:

Some of our past contestants include:

We look forward to checking out your submissions – Let’s WOO it up!


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