Blockbuster filing for bankruptcy – onenightfriendfree TV too much competition?


Blockbuster couldn’t handle the new age of computer technology, apparently. From the sound of the reports they’re having a hard time liquifying their inventory of vhs and old-technology dvds, all of which are going out of style have been out of style for about five-ten years.

Netflix is only one of the competitors, for sure. But they seem to be doing something right, as  you can see from the comparison above. One can’t ignore video social networking sites either, as they monopolize more and more of consumers’ time. Creating your own content is part of the attraction to sites such as YouTube and onenightfriendfree TV. I mean, really, wouldn’t you rather record yourself having a threesome with the Queen of MySpace that you can show all your friends as opposed to watching Catherine Hardwicke’s “Twilight”?

Ya, we thought so.


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