Funny Usernames – Trolling for Greatness: Meet Bananahammock, Mayonnaise and Fart!


How many awesome, ridiculously funny and cool usernames have I found over the past few years on So many that I can’t keep their thrilling nature to myself anymore. Here’s to the world of crazy funny user names and the people who attach themselves to them.

Funny Usernames: This Week’s Picks

Banana Hammock

You ever see that Friends episode where Phoebe creates the alter ego “Princess Consuela Bananahammock” before realizing “Banana Hammock” is slang for a man’s speedo? Ya, that episode was awesome. The fact that two protestant white girls in Minnesota created this profile inspires us, too, to venture into the world and reach for greatness beyond all expectations.


Mayo’s biggest fan! Sure, mayo is a white, gooey smelly substance that is usually associated with ham and tuna, but it does have the power to turn any sandwich from downright bland to heaven on earth, in your mouth. Yay for Mayonnaise!


Hehe. We knew when we did a search we’d find the best profile ever for this username, and really, what is MORE perfect than an image of a lovely girl with eyes that dance playfully into your soul and a smile so sweet it makes you feel like you’ve never left your mother’s arms. Who could resist asking this Fart to be your friend?

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