Woo Media Expands Live Social Entertainment Portfolio with MonsterChat.com Launch


LOS ANGELES, April 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Woo Media, the live interactive video network leading the social entertainment phenomenon, today unveiled MonsterChat, the next generation group video communications platform. MonsterChat is an innovative, interactive video platform that allows users to connect in live chats. It also lets them join ongoing topic related video chat rooms to engage new people. Woo Media is the only company to offer interactive video across multiple engagement models, i.e. group chat, 1:1 chat, random 1:1 chat, and speed dating.

According to Hit wise data, by 2013, 500 million users will be engaging in interactive video, so Woo Media is leading the natural evolution of IM/Chat from a single dimension to live group video chat. Now consumers can, for the first time, experience a fully immersive interactive video experience with a full set of social features.

Requiring no downloads, Monster Chat allows up to 24 people to chat simultaneously in real-time, and aggregate across IM platforms, such as Facebook, Yahoo!, AIM, and Twitter. It is the only true in browser-based platform aimed at live social entertainment and chatting with friends – or finding new ones – around shared topics or interests. Regardless of whether users are “San Francisco foodies”, “NYC Bike Lane Warriors”, “Little Monsters”, or “LA Dodger fans”, now they can bounce from chat room to chat room, connecting with friends and finding other people with similar taste. For users on the go, MonsterChat plans to be accessible on both iOS and Android mobile platforms, including iPad and Android tablets, later this summer.

“We created MonsterChat to specifically enhance consumers’ live online social experience and provide an easy way to connect with friends via video. This kind of innovation is something users of our other interactive video properties like onenightfriendfree and Shuffle People have come to expect from us.” said Stephen Stokols, CEO of Woo Media. “Woo Media is the only video-led social entertainment network that actively engages the trend-setting, online-centric 18-35 age group across multiple media properties.”

Some Key Facts:

- It’s the only true in browser based platform aimed at live social entertainment and chatting with friends – or finding new ones – around shared topics or interests, by location
- Live video social chat with robust functionality that allows up to 24 people to chat simultaneously for free – user has option to create 8, 16, or 24 slots for chat
- Aggregate across IM platform–– import buddy lists from Facebook, Yahoo!, AOL, and Twitter, and include them on single MC chat
- Bounce from chat room to chat room connecting with friends and finding other like minded people

About Woo Media

Woo Media is the global live interactive video network leading the social entertainment phenomenon. It leads the social entertainment market in innovation with category-defining online properties designed for users to meet in a fun, immersive and spontaneous environment. Woo Media owns and operates online properties focused on live video interactions including onenightfriendfree.com, ShufflePeople.com, onenightfriendfree.tv, and MonsterChat.com. To date, more than 2 billion video introductions have been delivered across the globe and millions of people interact on Woo Media properties each month. The company is venture capital backed, and headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For more information please visit our website: www.woo-media.com.

What’s better than an iPad 2?


Our new Facebook application just launched, and it is already becoming the new and exciting way for people to find out what their friends are saying about them! Chances are, someone you know is already answering a quiz question about you as you read this!

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Top Videos of the Week: Sing Along with Other Users


There’s something very special about music, the way it makes you feel, makes you sway to the rhythm of the beat.  For Christmas, I think we should all think of a few song ideas that we’d like to share with our WOO friends. There’s nothing better than a hand-picked playlist to let the WOOers in your life know you care. Even better, how about re-enacting the song on onenightfriendfree TV!

I find hundreds of videos every week of users that are comfortable enough to do a little song and dance for each other live on onenightfriendfree TV. These users highlight the most important part of onenightfriendfree TV, which is meeting people that you feel comfortable with and having fun!

Watch TheOysta, who’s feeling a little under the weather, perk up when these girls sing him a get-well song. A shining example of the love you can find on onenightfriendfree.

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Worlds First LIVE Introductions Platform


Only 5 days since our launch and onenightfriendfree is already taking the world by storm, literally, with users from 179 countries participating in over 1000  2200 speed sessions, facilitating over 30,000 55,000 introductions. As in real life, introductions and connections on onenightfriendfree are initiated for a wide range of reasons. Our topical user generated session have already included such diverse themes as the following:

• Looking to meet interesting people across the globe
• Let’s talk about the best bars in London
• Seeking graphic designers in San Diego
• Brazilian’s and American’s lets Woo!
• 3 minutes, 3 people, 1 good time
• Need a mountain climbing partner in San Francisco
• Babyboomer’s speed dating

Users are seeking introductions and connections for all sorts of reasons, from all across the globe. onenightfriendfree.com is truly Get Laid Now!

Check it out onenightfriendfree.com

I Guess We WOO’d You—-A Bit Too Much!


With all the coverage surrounding our launch, it appears we WOO’d just a few too many people. Our site came down tonight shortly after our sessions began at 7pm due to the overwhelming traffic loads on our servers.

First and foremost, we apologize to everyone who decided to check out our site today and experience onenightfriendfree for the very first time. While we took many precautions planning for a spike in volume to our site, we never imagined in our wildest dreams the type of response we had this evening

We will be working hard all night to provision the required server capacity to handle traffic loads much greater than those incurred thus far and expect to be fully functional tomorrow night. So, we encourage you all to give us another chance if you have the time tomorrow to come back and try to be WOO’d

onenightfriendfree Team

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