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So if we’re being called out we might as well explain what we do.

At onenightfriendfree we are focused on getting people together, or “facilitating real time social interactions” as the boss says. One of our key differentiators from the more traditional dating sites is that users interact with each other - live - on the site in messaging and in video chat. This results in a range of requirements of the product, and of the infrastructure, that are quite different than most other players in the space. It is essential that the people who are online get to interact with other people who are online now, and communication between people happens fast.

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Brother and Sister Team Propel Startup into NYC and Connect People LIVE on Morning Show

Stephen Stokols, founder and CEO may be the experienced
business executive driving the company forward, however, if not for
his little sister, 23 year old Haley, would not exist today.

onenightfriendfree’s concept, taking speed dating online though live voice and
video communications was actually developed by Haley after her many
failed attempts finding real connection with guys through social
networks, traditional dating sites and offline speed dating events.
Haley reasoned that speed dating, while a great way to meet a lot of
people in a short period of time was almost too focused on finding
romance, when all she was really looking to do was meet some great,
interesting people.

By taking the offline craze online, Stephen broadened the concept from just dating to general introductions leveraging the openness of the internet to allow people to meet and connect over any topic anywhere.

Check out the story of this dynamic brother and sister team and onenightfriendfree on The
Morning Show with Mike and Juliet


No Brad, Webcams don’t make you look fat!

Brad Stone writes an interesting piece about onenightfriendfree in the New York Times. He asks the question: ‘So can online-speed dating work (as a business, and as a way of meeting someone special)?’ We clearly think the answer is yes. But we think the answer is a bit more complicated in that users of the onenightfriendfree platform will help drive the direction this business goes - onenightfriendfree is an introductions platform. Anyone can use it to meet new friends, find a new room mate, a travel companion or romance. In our eyes the applications are as broad as people’s imagination.

Never-the-less, check out the article:

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