Blockbuster filing for bankruptcy - onenightfriendfree TV too much competition?

Blockbuster couldn’t handle the new age of computer technology, apparently. From the sound of the reports they’re having a hard time liquifying their inventory of vhs and old-technology dvds, all of which are going out of style have been out of style for about five-ten years.

Netflix is only one of the competitors, for sure. But they seem to be doing something right, as  you can see from the comparison above. One can’t ignore video social networking sites either, as they monopolize more and more of consumers’ time. Creating your own content is part of the attraction to sites such as YouTube and onenightfriendfree TV. I mean, really, wouldn’t you rather record yourself having a threesome with the Queen of MySpace that you can show all your friends as opposed to watching Catherine Hardwicke’s “Twilight”?

Ya, we thought so.

Corey Haim Dies Tragic Death - Authorities Blame Drug Addiction

Corey Haim passed away this morning. Haim was a recovering addict and authorities suspect an accidental overdose.

Haim stepped into the limelight as a child actor in 1984. He hit major success as a star in the film the Lost Boys. Rumor has it that he was due for a cameo in a remake of that film, however in light of his recent death, that rumor will remain a myth.

Most recenty Haim found success in a reality TV series called “The Two Coreys.” He co-starred in the series with Corey Feldman, his best friend.

“We must all take this as a lesson in how we treat the people we share this world with while they are still here to make a difference,” said Feldman posted on his blog today. “I hope the art Corey has left behind will be remembered as the passion of that for which he truly lived.”

Addiction is a hard battle for those who suffer with the “disease” to fight. No matter how much recovery one claims over their addiction, each day brings the possibility of a relapse. DJ AM, another celebrity who battled addiction, died this year from what authorities believe was also an accidental overdose. AM claimed 11 years sober before he relapsed, highlighting the daily maintenance that those plagued with addiction must face for their entire life.

What are your thoughts on recovery and addiction in leui of Haim’s recent death? Let us know on onenightfriendfree TV. Mark your videos with the word “HAIM” so we can find the videos and post your comments.

Superbowl Videos on onenightfriendfree - You’d Think People Would Be A Little More Excited

We scrounged up some Superbowl videos from last night! Not quite as exciting as we had hoped, people were looking generally unenthused in many of these videos. Of course, many of these folks looked like they were watching the Superbowl home alone.

The superbowl, watched by approximately 40% of American households, should be a party and people should be drinking, ideally beer, together! They should be rooting for a team that is probably from a city that is not in close proximity to them. They should, as a group, be critiquing the highly anticipated commercial advertisements. And someone should be sending regular updates to twitter so everyone knows what team you’re rooting for and the fact that you thought Bud Light’s commercial in the 1st Quarter was a total FAIL.

This is supposedly a post Superbowl celebratory chat session. Hmm. Maybe they joined the wrong chat by accident. They look about as excited as a cripple would approaching a staircase.


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Dating Advice: How To Get a Kiss on the First Date

You like all the same music, you believe in all the same societal and political issues and her lips are full, pouty and waiting for a smooch.

But how do you actually make that happen?

Free Dating Advice

(photo by calamityjanne)

The biggest mistake you can make is to try to make the first move in the car. It’s awkward, she’ll have to lean over the arm rest and if you lean in and she says no you have no opportunity to make a get away unless you awkwardly ask her to get out of the car right away.

Park your car and walk the girl up to her door. If she wasn’t smitten with you yet, this will definitely increase your chances. Stroll with her all the way to her door, tell her what a great time you had a grab her hand. If she doesn’t pull away, now’s your chance, take it! Lean in and hook that shit up. You may even score an invitation inside if your kissing skills are off the hook.

If you’re looking to meet someone who you can try to kiss check out onenightfriendfree video chat.

Best Halloween Costumes of 2009

Thank you to everyone who participated in onenightfriendfree’s Halloween Video Contest. We had an overwhelming amount of video submissions and we are sorry to say that we cannot post them all.

That said, there were some videos that really stood out among the rest - thank you to our community for making this onenightfriendfree’s best halloween yet!

We like call outs, they make us feel special. We’re not afraid to admit that this video got number one because CatieJanie had an amazing costume while singing an operatic song all about onenightfriendfree.

video chat about Opera Diva.. in the onenightfriendfree Hizzoousee

For you guys wondering what it takes to win over a cute girl on video chat, learn from the dude who designs and makes his own Lion King costume by hand. Watch her fawn over his creative genius, click play!

video chat about Outgoing/fun people.. Everyone’s boring at 5 am [Co-Ed]

Katy Perry kissed a girl and she liked it. Watch her dish about it on onenightfriendfree TV’s Halloween extravaganza!

video chat about All hallows eve

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