Happy International Dance Day!


International Dance Day (World Dance Day) has been celebrated on April 29 through promotion by the International Dance Council (CID), an umbrella organization within UNESCO for all kinds of dance.

Make sure and get your boogie on today, especially in live video chat sessions only on onenightfriendfree.com!

What’s better than an iPad 2?


Our new Facebook application just launched, and it is already becoming the new and exciting way for people to find out what their friends are saying about them! Chances are, someone you know is already answering a quiz question about you as you read this!

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Toyota: Still In Trouble, After 9 Years!


According to the New York Times Toyota’s Prius acceleration FAIL began nine years ago! WTF! And possibly led to 34 deaths in that time period, which is sad.

Toyota has posted loads of video and social media propaganda, literally strewn across a plethora of social networks, all but onenightfriendfree. What gives? Maybe they’re afraid. I mean, they wouldn’t have any down time to compose the “right” answer which, as we pointed out earlier in this post, they still don’t seem to have a clue about anyway.

Seriously though, Toyota is great. They still have our support. Just because they have some intermittent deadly acceleration problems doesn’t make them bad in our book, they still last a lot longer than a Ford!

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