Top 10 Ways to Cure your New Year’s Hangover

It’s still 2009 and it’s your last chance to make those bad decisions before starting anew in 2010! Tonight you can drink without abandon, sleep with the wrong people, spill your red wine on your best friend’s Winston-Salem couch, throw up in your neighbor’s bathroom floor… etc. etc.

2010 is a brand new year, a chance for you to start fresh. You can finally be the you you always knew you could be. You’ll be on time, you’ll be the first to get your work projects completed, you’ll exercise every morning and lose that 15 pounds you haven’t been able to loose since your freshman year in college and maybe you’ll even become marriage material. How exciting!

But first, you’ll have to sooth your aching headache and upset tummy from the debaucherous and heinous 2009 New Year’s Eve activities.

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Top 10 Ways to Cure that Hangover and Start the 2010 New Year as the Person You Always Knew You Could Be

1. Drink Gatorade. I suggest buying this the night before so you don’t have to crawl to the liquor store the morning after your drinking. This is the best drink you can get because it will hydrate you, won’t make you feel nauseous and will replenish electrolytes (salts) in your body which aids the re-hydration process.

2. Take a nap. You probably woke up too early after going to bed at 5am. A heavy night of drinking can cause you to pass out, but as your body starts to sober up you may wake up before you’ve gotten the required amount of sleep needed for your brain to function correctly the next day. A nap will be sorely needed.

3. Hair of the Dog that Bit You. Sure it’s 10 o’clock in the morning but you’re sick; it’s okay to start your New Year off with a shot of Tequila to calm your stomach and your nerves, right? Sure it is. Just as long as you resolve not to continue drinking every morning… you are trying to straighten up and fly right this year remember.

4. Take a shower. You probably reek of alcohol and sweat, especially if you woke up next to a stranger. Do yourself and the rest of the world a favor and take a shower to freshen up.

5. Have some coffee. This will help you wake up and also give you the illusion of sobering up if you’re still half drunk from the night before.

6. Drink water. Duh. You’re hungover because you’re dehydrated. Gatorade is better to start with as it’s easier to stomach and doesn’t have the nauseating effects that water has first thing in the morning. But after the initial nausea fades water is your most important asset for getting through the day.

7. Eat some food. Heavy food like eggs and toast will help you fill your stomach and reduce queasiness. Make sure you hydrate with Gatorade first to reduce the nauseating effects you probably feel from all of last night’s drinks.

8. Take an advil. This works better than Tylenol, not sure why! Take it after you eat something to protect your fragile little tummy.

9. Eat some sugar. Because alcohol is largely made up of sugars you’re apt to be going through some withdrawals the next morning. The added sugar to your diet will help you feel stabilized and normal so you can function for the rest of the day.

10. Don’t drink again that night. While the tips above will provide short term relief chances are you won’t feel fully recovered until the next day, so don’t drink again right away and ruin your recovery. Besides, it’s officially the New Year and you’ve promised yourself to be successful, healthy and bright, right?

Here’s to you and a successful New Year! Go out and impress some people with the new you, you deserve it!

Top 10 Online Dating Tips & Tricks

We see it all the time - people get on video chat and they don’t wear a clean shirt (and some dudes don’t bother putting one on at all), they forget to smile or be friendly, and they talk about inappropriate things.

Therefore, we created this list of 10 Online Dating Tips that will improve your online dating experience. Enjoy.

  1. Do not talk dirty - Don’t even consider sending a dirty message or being crude on video. This is by far the number one no-no! If you’re looking for a steamy night at least build it up a bit with some conversation and find out if the person you’re talking to is into this sort of thing. Sex isn’t a bad thing, we’re definitely not trying to toe the line on that statement, but there’s this societal behavior called politeness - which deems you have respect for people you meet, online or off, and refrain from jumping the gun when it comes to sexual behavior.
  2. Wear a shirt - Guys, while we are sure you have great pecs, it is weird when your cam pops up and you are not wearing a shirt. Please put a shirt on and show us your pecs when we have gotten to know you a little bit better.
  3. Clean your room - if you’re participating in a video chat this one is important and often underestimated. If you had someone over to watch a movie you would not leave your dirty underwear strewn across the bed would you? Ya, didn’t think so - clean it up for the cam.
  4. Compliment the person you are talking to - say something nice about their profile or about their face. Try to be creative and mention something other than how stunning their eyes are. Michelle Obama agrees and says in an ABC News interview “You shouldn’t be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t make you completely happy and make you feel whole.
  5. Put some effort into your appearance - You wouldn’t consider going on a first date without putting on your “date” face would you? Why should your online dating experience be any different. If you want to improve your online dating experience put some effort in the way you look - put on some make-up and wash your hair.
  6. Smile - do not underestimate this one. One of the most common mistakes people make is looking too serious in their profile pictures. Post at least one photo of yourself where you look like you might actually be having a good time.
  7. Listen - Stop talking about yourself so much and take some time to ask a few questions and listen to the answer. Event science nerds at Scientific Blogging know this much!
  8. Do not talk about your ex - if you have ever gone on a date where the person won’t shut up about their last relationship you know from experience how lame this is. If you are not over your ex, maybe you should pick up a hobby and steer clear from dating for awhile. Or at least keep conversations about your broken heart between you and your buddies. Disarray magazine says “Bottom line, don’t mention the ex!”
  9. Keep your online profile picture current and clean - Do not pretend that you are the same person you were 10 years ago. You are not, and if you are chatting on video, we are going to notice pretty fast. Also, keep your photos clean. Dirty photos scare people, especially females, and it detracts from the community atmosphere.
  10. Be honest - do not pretend to be something you are not. It is easy to get carried away online and create a persona that might not reflect who you are in real life. Once people start talking to you on the phone or video chat they are going to get to know you pretty quickly so you might as well save yourself and everyone else some time by being legit straight from the GetGo.

Top 10 Cities to Wear Your Party Panties

by Shandra LaMotte

After a long week at work or school, there’s no better way to relieve your stress than going out to a bar, club, or pub. So rather than looking at the cities with the best night life scene, onenightfriendfree wanted to examine the people who make the social scene in those cities so great. I mean, c’mon, what the point in going out to a great club without some entertaining people to party with? This list is dedicated to the bar crawlers, the dancers, and the beer pong aficionados around the United States.

10. Miami

With girls who not only have great bikini bodies, but who also love to go out at all hours of the night, it’s a surprise more people don’t live in Miami.

9. Houston

Rumor is that everything is bigger and better in Texas (wink wink), and partying is by no means the exception.

8. Las Vegas

Vegas is known as Sin City, and it’s no surprise Vegas residents live a life filled with sinful partying as well.

7. Chicago

This “City that Works” should more appropriately be known as the “city that works hard and plays hard”.

6. New York

With more than 20,000 restaurants and an endless number bars and clubs, there are always plenty of people drinking, dancing, partying, and becoming part of the city that never sleeps.

5. Dallas

The origin of frozen margaritas, it makes sense Dallas citizens know how to party and have a good time.

4. San Diego

Famed for having the best climate in the United States, San Diego attracts people who love to have “fun in the sun.”

3. Orlando

As stated by Exploration Orlando, “Orlando is a party city, but I don’t think it is known as such, because it is over shadowed by the family friendly theme park aspect, but once the tired tourist turn in for the night, you will see the city come alive”.

2. Atlanta

Atlanta’s eclectic nightlife suits every style of partying and getting loose - giving those who live there no excuse to stay at home at night.

1. Beverly Hills

As Beverly Hills was once part of Hollywood, it’s no wonder those girls and guys love to party, club, and drink.

Meet Her on onenightfriendfree

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True to Tupac’s song, California knows how to party. The percentage of California residents who like to party is about 20% higher than the percentage of party users from the cities on the rest of our list. Additionally, Beverly Hills citizens claimed they liked to go out nearly 1.5x more than those in Miami. Both Texas and Florida residents were on our list twice as well. Therefore, if you are looking for a good time, check out California, Texas or Florida.

onenightfriendfree provides people with a fun space to meet fellow partiers in environments outside of a club or bar, therefore allowing for more sober conversation. Users meet in video chat sessions and they have the opportunity to build out information in their profiles. We calculated our results based on the percentage of onenightfriendfree profiles who stated they were “in their element” in a club, at a bar, or at a pub per city. Cities with the highest “party index” were considered to have bigger partiers relative to other cities on onenightfriendfree.

Small Indie Band Blows Up, Comes Back for Fans

Carolina Liar Meets Fans in Free Live Video Chat

by Veronica Twelv

Talented and acclaimed celebrity, Chad Wolf of the band Carolina Liar, approaches fans with genuine enthusiasm and down to earth attitude on live video chat at

“Chad loved using onenightfriendfree,” said Dan Grossman of Atlantic Records. The love goes both ways Chad. You showed the onenightfriendfree Community what they were looking for by sharing with them your “Beautiful World.” Come back any time!

The Beautiful World of Carolina Liar

Carolina Liar is small indie band gone mainstream after being propelled into the limelight by their hit single “Show me what I’m looking for.”

Front man of Carolina Liar, Chad Wolf, spent most of his adult life playing at small coffee houses in Los Angeles until he found himself signed to a major label, traveling the world to share his dark pop melodies intertwined with lyrics soulful, yet bright.

Up and Coming Indie Band Leverages Live Video Chat Platform to Broaden Audience

by Veronica Twelv

The Westar, up-and-coming Indie band looking to make it big, plays music live for fans on onenightfriendfree’s video chat platform to promote their single “Running with my Hands Up.”

The band is new on the scene, but the members Ethan Carlson and Vic Garcia, a duo formerly of the band Vic Kingsley, are seasoned musicians with a passion for living and breathing music.

Carlson and Garcia are enthusiastic transplants to the west coast. They found their trip west so full of inspiration that they named the band after a gas station they stopped at while headed west. Garcia says, “the name The Westar, has a lot to do with moving west to achieve success and later returning east to rest your bones.”

The Westar took the onenightfriendfree community by surprise by being down to earth and a little bit shy, conveying a humility that you don’t find common among Los Angelinos. Watch as the band comes out of their shell to WOO Tay with their lyrical composition.

video chat about [[ Last Chance to Meet the Band The Westar!! ]]

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