Sex education with Jesus

Jesus resurrected on Easter, again. Watch Jesus tell kids what’s up with the birds and the bees on

The actual life of Jesus Christ may have been a little tamer than what is depicted in this video, but he makes a good point:  what does the Easter Bunny have to do with Easter anyway?

According to folk lore the rabbit is a symbol of female fertility while eggs are a symbol of rebirth, both symbols from the Holy Roman Empire in the early 1600s.

Most Favorited User of the Week: Nor_Cal_Cutie

Courtnee (Nor_Cal_Cutie) lives up to her name being not only one of the cutest girls on onenightfriendfree, but also one of the most outgoing. Watch as Courtnee and a friend YES dance. What do you think, was it enough to bring Kiki back?!

Age: 19

Member Since: March 22, 2009
Talk to her about: Dirt bikes, Cheerleading, Wakeboarding, Tattoos, Piercing
People Have Been Known to Describe Her As: stunning,, hottie, so.cute

Video with Most views: 7,837 Views

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Most Favorited WOOer of the Week: MuchIsConscious

Neal (MuchIsConscious): Neal is new to the WOO scene, but when we saw his poi fire dancing video we had to give him some props for creativity. I wonder if he consciously tried to get featured on the blog…
Member Since: March 6, 2009
Talk to him about: Consciousness, Phsyics, Prose & Poetry, Trance, Longboarding and Collegelife
People Have Been Known to Describe Him As: Well shoot ladies, he has no descriptions. Hit him up in chat and give him a few!
Video with Most views: 689 Views

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Small Indie Band Blows Up, Comes Back for Fans

Carolina Liar Meets Fans in Free Live Video Chat

by Veronica Twelv

Talented and acclaimed celebrity, Chad Wolf of the band Carolina Liar, approaches fans with genuine enthusiasm and down to earth attitude on live video chat at

“Chad loved using onenightfriendfree,” said Dan Grossman of Atlantic Records. The love goes both ways Chad. You showed the onenightfriendfree Community what they were looking for by sharing with them your “Beautiful World.” Come back any time!

The Beautiful World of Carolina Liar

Carolina Liar is small indie band gone mainstream after being propelled into the limelight by their hit single “Show me what I’m looking for.”

Front man of Carolina Liar, Chad Wolf, spent most of his adult life playing at small coffee houses in Los Angeles until he found himself signed to a major label, traveling the world to share his dark pop melodies intertwined with lyrics soulful, yet bright.

Up and Coming Indie Band Leverages Live Video Chat Platform to Broaden Audience

by Veronica Twelv

The Westar, up-and-coming Indie band looking to make it big, plays music live for fans on onenightfriendfree’s video chat platform to promote their single “Running with my Hands Up.”

The band is new on the scene, but the members Ethan Carlson and Vic Garcia, a duo formerly of the band Vic Kingsley, are seasoned musicians with a passion for living and breathing music.

Carlson and Garcia are enthusiastic transplants to the west coast. They found their trip west so full of inspiration that they named the band after a gas station they stopped at while headed west. Garcia says, “the name The Westar, has a lot to do with moving west to achieve success and later returning east to rest your bones.”

The Westar took the onenightfriendfree community by surprise by being down to earth and a little bit shy, conveying a humility that you don’t find common among Los Angelinos. Watch as the band comes out of their shell to WOO Tay with their lyrical composition.

video chat about [[ Last Chance to Meet the Band The Westar!! ]]

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