Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Sweetie

The onenightfriendfree Team has been brainstorming all month for great Holiday gift ideas for that special someone in your life. We find that settling on just the right gifts that incorporate intamacy, practicality, and a fun-loving spirit can be difficult, so we thought we’d share some of the best ideas we came up with here.

1. Underpants. Your sweetie gets fresh drawers and you get to look at ‘em in ‘em. Not a bad deal, eh?!

2. A cool, useful, kitchen utensil. Doesn’t matter if they cook! If they don’t cook, get them something easy, like a combination rice cooker/vegetable steamer that allows them to make great healthy food with little preperation. If they’re a whizz in the kitchen head over to the nearest kitchen supply store and tell the salesperson you need help with some ideas. A new knife set, blender or a fancy set of wine glasses is sure to seize the day.

3. Games! This is such a great idea!! Stop having boring nights at home watching the Television. A game will bring you closer together and stimulate the neurons in your brains, making you smarter!

4. A new pet. You could go all “Lady in the Tramp” style and get an adorable puppy, but those are so hard to take care of. Unless you know your loved one is prepared to take on such a challenge we suggest starting with something a little bit easier. Maybe a gold fish? Or an Iguana is cool, they can camouflage!

5. A Charitable Donation. I know this seems boring, but it’s probably even cooler than the game idea, honestly. Pick a donation that is close to your love muffin’s heart. Maybe an issue that someone in his or her family is coping with. A generous donation to a cause such as this will with a note included that dedicates the money in their name shows real sincerity. It also proves that you pay attention. It will probably make them cry, so make sure to have some tissues on hand.

6. Books!! This should be really easy. If you don’t already know what interests them, take a look at what’s already on their shelf. Pay special attention to books that look worn, or collections of books from the same author. Take notes and bring them to the local bookstore. We suggest an actual LOCAL mom & pop bookstore, where you can find book nerds to help you find really neat unique and rare books!

7. Mug! Go to your local thrift store and find a neat mug. There are so many funny, adorable and sweet mugs at thrift stores, and they’re much cheaper than buying them new. Small gift, but they get to remember you every morning when they wake up and drink out of it. How cute!!

8. Slippers! Another small, but very sweet gift. You can put some of your personality into it and get some with a theme, like an animal or a cartoon.

9. A double date to a fabulous massage parlor. Rather than send them by themselves to a spa, you get to accompany them and enjoy the gift as well. Find out how amazing it is to relax together.

10. Music. Records, CDs, an mp3 player, whatever it is, fill up some space under the Chrismas tree for some killer tunes. If you buy them an mp3 player make sure to load it up with songs! Make a few playlists too or Mix CDs. Themed ones are great, such as these:  Happy Music; Music to clean the house by; Music to listen to at the dentist, Show Tunes (well, okay, maybe you should skip that one…); Folk Music; Hits from the year they were born; Sleepy time music; Snuggle and get saucy music…. Just a few to get you started.

Hope this list helps! Shoot us a message on Facebook to let us know if you used any of these ideas or share some of your own! Happy Holidays!!

-Team onenightfriendfree

If You’re Going to Cheat, Don’t Get Caught (like Ashton Kutcher)

We get complaints from angry lovers all the time that they think their significant other is cheating on them. We can’t, obviously, help them with their investigations as this would infringe on privacy laws. Besides, it’s none of our beeswax, honestly. However, we couldn’t help but notice that a lot of people are having problems not getting caught cheating, so here’s some advice if that includes you.

And next week stay tuned for tips on the flip side: “Are they cheating or are they just eating out a lot with pretty girls”

  1. Save your fling’s name under a fake name in your phone. Kitty is not only a kinky name, but she’s smoking hot too. If your girlfriend sees a name like that in your phone she’s bound to get suspicous. Save it under something more androgynous, like… Xavier!!
  2. Delete all sexy/flirty/kinky text messages from your phone as soon as you get them. If you don’t delete them right away you might forget and get caught, and that’s just stupid, don’t be dumb.
  3. Hang out with them in public. Rather than make your “friendship” a secret, use reverse psychology and hang out with all of your friends, and even your significant other. So totally effed up it’s HOT. But, this won’t work if the person you’re cheating with doesn’t know you’re in a relationshiop already, however, so use discretion.
  4. Do NOT add your fling on Facebook. If anything goes down they have the opportunity to put you on blast in front of all your friends. Do yourself a favor and block them before they stalk you.
  5. Use protection and take a shower before you hang out with your real boyfriend/girlfriend. There’s no reason to add insult to injury here, come on now.

Got something to say about this post? Let us know, community at onenightfriendfree dot com. Or let us know on our Facebook page.

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How to Meet People Online? It’s a Numbers Game

One of the biggest help questions we field everyday is from our userbase wondering how to get other people on the site engaged.

Let me tell you the secret:  It’s a numbers game.

Don’t spend 2 hours meticulously combing through profile after profile, selecting and messaging the only 3 that meet your standards. You’re significantly lessening your chances of meeting anyone on the site by doing that. Many people use their webcams to post pictures and may appear, at a glance, to be less attractive than they actually are. Do yourself a favor and reach out to a few extra people even if it’s just to see what kind of response you get.

And ladies, don’t wait around for messages from the guys, this isn’t the only way to know if he’s into you. With thousands of profiles on onenightfriendfree he may not stumble onto yours if you don’t message him first, so keep that in mind when your ego tells you he should be messaging you first because he may not have seen you yet!

Point is, if you want to meet some people you have to cast a wide enough net to reel them in. Message or nudge a few people on every people page. People will message you back if you hit up enough profiles. Even if you’re not interested in any of the prospects that messaged you back at least you have some messages to read through, and who knows, you might make a few new friends to keep in touch with over free hookup!

-Team onenightfriendfree

Letters from our Users: I Can’t Get Any Girls To Message Me Back, HELP!!

Dear onenightfriendfree,

I keep sending messages to girls but I never hear back from anyone. I’ve even starting hitting up girls that aren’t as good looking as I’d, ideally, like to hook up with. Still no luck!

What am I doing wrong?

Loser Larry

Dear Larry,

Don’t fret, you are not a loser! We’ve got some tips that are guaranteed to get you more responses to your messages.

1. Are you asking a question in your messages? If you don’t ask a question the person on the other side of the message is less likely to respond because your communication isn’t engaging. Try asking a question at the end of your message to encourage a response.

2. What does your profile picture look like? If your photo is a picture of your abs, your underwear, or a really-outdated-obviously-not-current-photo you’re less likely to get a response. Make sure your picture matches your personality and is a clear shot of your face. Our internal research shows that smiling helps, so post a picture that shows those lovely pearl whites!

3. Were you sexually suggestive in your message? Probably not, but I always like to be completely straight forward about this because I think a lot of guys make a mistake when trying to be flirty but in reality come across as overly sexual. Girls aren’t interested in cutting to the chase right away. If you’re too sexually suggestive in your messaging, without a clear indication that that kind of communication is invited, she’s likely to be scared to meet you in person and less likely to write you back. Keep it light and genuine and save the sexual undertones for later or until you get the vibe that she’s on the same page.

Hope those tips help!

All the best!
~Team onenightfriendfree

Celebrity Dating Gossip: Michael Douglas’ son off the market until released from prison

[photo from TMZ]

Michael Douglas’ son, Cameron Douglas, was sentenced to five years of prison for dealing meth. He pled guilty, probably hoping to get a more lenient sentence. I guess you could count five years of prison topped by five years of rehab, as opposed to the mandatory 10 years prison time he was supposed to get, lenient.

Unfortunately for the ladies the drug king pin won’t be available to take them out to fancy dinners for a long time coming and might have a lot of psychological issues (on top of the ones he may already have) to deal with when he gets out. Meaning, you might be too old for him by the time he’s ready to go for a spin. So, if you’re looking for a date today, or you’re looking to date someone who’s not an ex-con, check out some of these folks on free hookup.

On another note, the image below is of individuals before they became addicted to meth. Why is it that these people look predisposed to having meth addiction? Like, it kinda looks like they might have done it before or something…

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