Sex education with Jesus

Jesus resurrected on Easter, again. Watch Jesus tell kids what’s up with the birds and the bees on

The actual life of Jesus Christ may have been a little tamer than what is depicted in this video, but he makes a good point:  what does the Easter Bunny have to do with Easter anyway?

According to folk lore the rabbit is a symbol of female fertility while eggs are a symbol of rebirth, both symbols from the Holy Roman Empire in the early 1600s.

Sarah Palin for Playboy Bunny, Then President, Who’s With Us?

Sarah Palin continues to make headlines and no one is even sure if she’s actually going to make an attempt to run for office again.

After her last stint with John McCain it’s unlikely anyone will pick her as their running partner, but she draws such an audience that she continues to make appearances and draw attentive crowds wherever she goes. Her good looks and charming personality give her MILF status that rocks the masculine world. I wonder if Playboy has hit her up to be on their cover yet? Imagine having a playboy bunny as president. Really can’t think of anything more appropriate for America in 2012. Palin for playboy bunny, then president in 2010, who’s with us?

Here’s a clip of Palin’s appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night. Maybe we’ll see her reaching out to the public on onenightfriendfree video chat if she does decide to run for office in 2012, she’s obviously got a knack for being in front of the camera.

Best Halloween Costumes of 2009

Thank you to everyone who participated in onenightfriendfree’s Halloween Video Contest. We had an overwhelming amount of video submissions and we are sorry to say that we cannot post them all.

That said, there were some videos that really stood out among the rest - thank you to our community for making this onenightfriendfree’s best halloween yet!

We like call outs, they make us feel special. We’re not afraid to admit that this video got number one because CatieJanie had an amazing costume while singing an operatic song all about onenightfriendfree.

video chat about Opera Diva.. in the onenightfriendfree Hizzoousee

For you guys wondering what it takes to win over a cute girl on video chat, learn from the dude who designs and makes his own Lion King costume by hand. Watch her fawn over his creative genius, click play!

video chat about Outgoing/fun people.. Everyone’s boring at 5 am [Co-Ed]

Katy Perry kissed a girl and she liked it. Watch her dish about it on onenightfriendfree TV’s Halloween extravaganza!

video chat about All hallows eve

Most Favorited User of the Week: LaCrosseTeen88

Spencer (LaCrosseteen88)

Age: 20
Member Since: September 3, 2008
People Have Been Known to Describe Him As: awesomesauce, so.balla, pokemon.king, cutie, crazy.funny, beardylicious, barny.lova and much much more…. check him out to see all his creative descriptions.
Video with Most views: 12,093 Views

Watch Nikki_k312 dance for Spence!

video chat about watch me dance

Most Favorited User of the Week: Nor_Cal_Cutie

Courtnee (Nor_Cal_Cutie) lives up to her name being not only one of the cutest girls on onenightfriendfree, but also one of the most outgoing. Watch as Courtnee and a friend YES dance. What do you think, was it enough to bring Kiki back?!

Age: 19

Member Since: March 22, 2009
Talk to her about: Dirt bikes, Cheerleading, Wakeboarding, Tattoos, Piercing
People Have Been Known to Describe Her As: stunning,, hottie, so.cute

Video with Most views: 7,837 Views

video chat about Last chance to see us yes :D

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