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And, if someone is annoying you by being crude or rude you don’t have to make excuses to end the conversation (like you do in a real life dating situation), it’s easy to click the “next” button to move on to someone you like better.

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When Dates Go Bad - Top 5 Best Exit Strategies

Meeting more people in a smaller amount of time means that you’re going to have to get good at bailing when the date starts to go sour. Here’s some tips from onenightfriendfree to help you skedaddle so you can rush home and respond to the plethora of other hotties waiting to hook up.

  1. Fake pulling a muscle. Give yourself a self massage for a few minutes then politely apologize for the (seemingly) excruciating pain you’re going through and limp feebly toward the exit. Remember, the more twisted your facial expression is the more uncomfortable your date will feel, making them wish you’d left a little bit sooner.
  2. Fake like you’re getting a call from your neighbor about your dog being sick. “Fido WHAT????…. oh no….. really?? … OMG… well, yes I….. Okay…. diarrhea??….” Take a mental snapshot of your date as you say the word “diarrhea” really loud and drawn out. Then, make a scene and rush out muttering something about how you’d never forgive yourself is something happened to the only best friend you’ve ever had in the world. If you play your cards right you can “accidentally” forget to pay as well, saving yourself a few bucks. I’d save this for someone who is already being a complete jerk, otherwise you’re just being kinda mean.
  3. Fake being sick. If you’re good at role playing this can come off as totally legit, and will leave your date feeling sorry for you. They may even pay for your cab ride home. A little manipulative, at least this technique won’t hurt their feelings. This is a good option if you want to try to keep them as a friend!
  4. Have a friend call you, faking an emergency. The bad thing about this option is that it is SO overplayed. Your date is likely to know that you’re taking the easy way out, and what’s the point of that if you’re trying to keep them from knowing that you’re bailing? You might as well just say “I’m not into you” and walk out.
  5. Flat out say “I’m not into you, at all,” and saunter out. There’s nothing like confidence to make you feel sexy and alive. Maybe you can pick up a member of the wait staff as you exit, just don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

How to Meet People Online? It’s a Numbers Game

One of the biggest help questions we field everyday is from our userbase wondering how to get other people on the site engaged.

Let me tell you the secret:  It’s a numbers game.

Don’t spend 2 hours meticulously combing through profile after profile, selecting and messaging the only 3 that meet your standards. You’re significantly lessening your chances of meeting anyone on the site by doing that. Many people use their webcams to post pictures and may appear, at a glance, to be less attractive than they actually are. Do yourself a favor and reach out to a few extra people even if it’s just to see what kind of response you get.

And ladies, don’t wait around for messages from the guys, this isn’t the only way to know if he’s into you. With thousands of profiles on onenightfriendfree he may not stumble onto yours if you don’t message him first, so keep that in mind when your ego tells you he should be messaging you first because he may not have seen you yet!

Point is, if you want to meet some people you have to cast a wide enough net to reel them in. Message or nudge a few people on every people page. People will message you back if you hit up enough profiles. Even if you’re not interested in any of the prospects that messaged you back at least you have some messages to read through, and who knows, you might make a few new friends to keep in touch with over free hookup!

-Team onenightfriendfree

onenightfriendfree Free hookup: Feedback and Site Updates

We’ve heard some great feedback from our users over the past six months and we wanted to give you all an update and let you know that you’ve been heard and we’re sifting through all of the ideas to bring you some new features.

Here’s a list of the 5 best ideas that you’ve brought to us. We won’t be able to address all of these issues right away, but we realize that they’re important and want you to know that we’re hearing what you say.

  1. Allow me to sort through people pages by whether or not they have a webcam. Users often complain about the fact that it’s time consuming to find other people who have working cameras. Soon we hope to implement a filter that will allow you to find these people much faster by aggregating those with cameras similarly to how you can aggregate a search by all female, or all male, results.
  2. Lag in video sessions. This is an old complaint and we’re happy to announce that in 1-on-1 video chats this is no longer a problem. We’re using advanced flash technology that improves the user experience for 1-on-1 onenightfriendfreeNow chat sessions that reduces lag time that is barely, if at all, noticeable.
  3. I don’t know how to meet people on onenightfriendfree. New users email us often with questions about how to use the onenightfriendfree platform to meet people in their area. Over the past year we’ve improved location search options and have implemented a Q&A section of our help desk to help new users understand onenightfriendfree a little bit better. If you have any questions that you think should be included let us know by sending us an email at community [at] onenightfriendfree [dot] com.
  4. Please add more privacy settings. Many users want to be able to hide their list of friends, their recent chat session history and their tags. We are considering tweaking certain privacy settings on profiles, however the recent chat session history and tags sections are visible for a reason:  They help users identify people that they want to talk to based on interest. Another bug that users have noticed is that when someone blocks you they are not automatically removed from your friend list and you are no longer able to access their profile to remove them. We are working on this.
  5. Create a button to turn off the WOO music OR offer other music options. Users who have been WOOing for months or years are mentioning that they’d like to hear something different at the start of a chat session. We’re considering launching a contest where users submit their music for a chance to win and have their song play as the new or secondary WOO theme song. What do you think about a contest of this type, would you participate?
As always, please submit feedback and questions to our help forums, we’re always listening.

Wenis (or Weinus) - Funny Friday Word of the Day

People talk with words. You know, language. People use onenightfriendfree to share words with each other. This is also known as “chatting”.

Therefore, Funny Friday is dedicated to all of the funny words that people use while chatting over video.

Today’s word of the week is “wenis” or, alternatively, “weinus”.


Refers to the skin of your elbow. This word is awesome. It sounds sexual, but is not. It sounds gross, but is in fact a very interesting part of the body that does not react to pain when pinched. Try it. Pinch your wenis, you cannot feel a thing!


Refers to a small male penis. A derogatory term that should never be used within earshot of the person you are referring to.

[Obviously we are not going to show a picture of this one. That would be porn. You can go to Chatroulette to find that lol].

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