How Do I Keep Someone From Seeing That I’ve Viewed Their Profile?

Dear onenightfriendfree,

Today I stumbled across a profile of someone I know and I was wondering if there’s any way to keep this person from getting notified of this. The thing is that this person happens to be the ex-boyfriend of one of my best friends, and I’m afraid that if he sees that I looked at his profile that he might tell her. I wouldn’t want something like this to mess with a good friendship.

What should I do?

~Sally Stuck


We get a few inquiries a week about people wanting to know how to keep other people from being able to see that they’ve viewed their profile.

Keep in mind that if the person you’re browsing is not a VIP member they will not be able to see that you’ve viewed their profile. Only VIP members can see who has viewed their profile.

If they are VIP and you want to keep them from viewing your profile after you check them out, you can block them. Blocking someone prohibits them from viewing your profile information. They will still be able to see your profile picture, however, so if you’re concerned about them recognizing you just post a picture that isn’t as recognizable to play it safe (don’t post a fake profile picture, you run the risk of having your profile suspended for violation of our terms of service).

-Team onenightfriendfree


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