How to win on onenightfriendfree like Tim Thomas and the Bruins


Maybe you heard about a little hockey team named the Boston Bruins winning the Stanley Cup in a 4-0 shutout in Game 7 against the Vancouver Canucks last night – their star player, 37-year-old goaltender Tim “The Tank” Thomas is largely to blame; honored with the Conn Smythe Trophy as the playoff MVP, and likely will win his second Vezina Trophy in the coming days. Let’s face it – the guy is a beast, a winner, a bad-ass, and any other synonym you can think of for someone who deserves a tremendous amount of admiration and respect. If you want to win on like Thomas and the Bruins, follow this simple to-do list:

1. Set goals
Whether your goal is meeting a new friend in video chat or winning the Stanley Cup – begin your path by defining and committing to it. You should have an overall goal, with smaller goals that will contribute. When Thomas arrived at training camp, winning the NHL championship was exactly what he set as a goal – with small victories that would ultimately lead to the cup. If you set a goal of meeting your next boyfriend on onenightfriendfree, set smaller goals like “sending 10 messages a day to new guys in my area” or “playing in 5 sessions a week to meet 5 people in 5 minutes”.

2. Never give up
No matter how hard the path to success may seem, you can never throw in the towel. You will never truly know how close to winning you may be and giving up may seem like the easiest option – however it may be at the expense of all the hard work and dedication leading up to that point. Thomas didn’t become a full-time goalie in the NHL until he was 32, and recently had off-season hip surgery to repair a torn labrum. Sometimes it may seem that the odds are stacked against you but you must continue to push forward. Even if you have a hard time meeting a fun and interesting person in your area on onenightfriendfree, never give up!

3. Show respect to others
If you have a team like the Bruins, treat them like your brothers. If you are on onenightfriendfree – show the people you meet in live video chat with respect and kindness. After this historic Cup victory by the Bruins, Thomas credited his teammates. It is important to treat others how you would like to be treated because in the long-run it will benefit you in ways you can never imagine.

4. Take risks
Becoming victorious means sometimes becoming a risk-taker. Depending on the size of the risk you may reap tremendous reward – this doesn’t mean going against your morals or values, but it does mean taking a jump when you are scared of what is below. You met a cute girl on onenightfriendfree and she wants to meet for coffee, but you’re nervous? What will happen if you decline? You will never know what could’ve been if you had taken the risk. Don’t be afraid to take a slapshot!

Not everyone can win the Stanley Cup – but you can surely be a winner like Tim Thomas on Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter, inquiring minds want to know!


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