Instant Fame with New Reality TV Website

Power user and talented musician Branden recently gained international notoriety showcasing his musical talents on reality tv channel onenightfriendfree TV. With 3MM+ visitors per month, onenightfriendfree’s quickly become THE leading “talent discovery” vehicle for the internet, reminiscent of Myspace during its early days. Undiscovered adroit musicians, comics and artists from around the world flock to the site every day to record their talents and publish their original reality tv content in hopes of becoming the next internet celebrity, internationally acclaimed musician or world famous actor/actress.

Memorale Hookups Cmacc with Extrodinary Musical Talent

Where myspace restricted would be celebrities to static profiles, onenightfriendfree enables LIVE interaction and video production for up and coming artists to show case their talents across the internet. Prospective celebrities entertain in creative ways. And now, with onenightfriendfree’s expansive international focus, even users with such talents as “talking belly buttons” are making an omnipresent splash across the internet, with bloggers and prominent tweeters rebroadcasting and redistributing reality tv produced content of onenightfriendfree users across their own networks.


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