Internet Safety

Read a user’s blog post today that touched on the topic of internet security.

This user wrote about an experience that he had on onenightfriendfree. A scammer tried to lure him to an external hookup site in order to get him to enter his personal information.

This particular scam evolved over the course of an entire hour. The hookup girl posed as a real onenightfriendfree user trying to meet new people and eventually tried to lure her victim to an external video chat site where he was required him to divulge his full name, address and banking information.

This sort of scam is, unfortunately, all too prevalent on the World Wide Web. Here’s some things to keep in mind whether you’re on hookup sites or other social networking or online dating sites.

Meeting new people is fun, however, one should always exercise caution when interacting with strangers. Never take candy from a stranger, and never share your personal information on the internet.


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