Letters from our Users: Can I use onenightfriendfree to make friends or is it just for dating?

Dear onenightfriendfree,

I recently got into a relationship and my girlfriend wants me to delete my onenightfriendfree profile, but I use onenightfriendfree to chat with a lot of my friends. Do you think I should delete it or can I use onenightfriendfree to chat with friends?


Gary with the jealous girlfriend


Dear Gary,

Well, we are an online dating site. Many users do make friends on the site and keep in touch with them by using the hookup features we offer on the site, but this is usually a by-product of the initial intention of finding a date!

I would talk it over with your girlfriend and explain to her what you use the site for and see if this makes a difference in the way she feels about it. She is likely uncomfortable because of onenightfriendfree’s connection to dating and whatnot, which is understandable.

Far be it from us to tell you to leave our site, however! We love our active community members who engage with others not just for dating but for fun and friendship.

Good luck, let us know how it turns out.

All the best,

Team onenightfriendfree


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