Letters from our Users: I Can’t Get Any Girls To Message Me Back, HELP!!

Dear onenightfriendfree,

I keep sending messages to girls but I never hear back from anyone. I’ve even starting hitting up girls that aren’t as good looking as I’d, ideally, like to hook up with. Still no luck!

What am I doing wrong?

Loser Larry

Dear Larry,

Don’t fret, you are not a loser! We’ve got some tips that are guaranteed to get you more responses to your messages.

1. Are you asking a question in your messages? If you don’t ask a question the person on the other side of the message is less likely to respond because your communication isn’t engaging. Try asking a question at the end of your message to encourage a response.

2. What does your profile picture look like? If your photo is a picture of your abs, your underwear, or a really-outdated-obviously-not-current-photo you’re less likely to get a response. Make sure your picture matches your personality and is a clear shot of your face. Our internal research shows that smiling helps, so post a picture that shows those lovely pearl whites!

3. Were you sexually suggestive in your message? Probably not, but I always like to be completely straight forward about this because I think a lot of guys make a mistake when trying to be flirty but in reality come across as overly sexual. Girls aren’t interested in cutting to the chase right away. If you’re too sexually suggestive in your messaging, without a clear indication that that kind of communication is invited, she’s likely to be scared to meet you in person and less likely to write you back. Keep it light and genuine and save the sexual undertones for later or until you get the vibe that she’s on the same page.

Hope those tips help!

All the best!
~Team onenightfriendfree


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