Attention: onenightfriendfree is Wikileaked

Who HASN’T heard of Wikileaks yet? If not, shame on you! There’s nothing more embarrassing than being the last one in on a really amazing secret. Lucky for you we’re spilling our own secrets this week. It’s nearly the beginning of a new year and we think we ought to get a fresh start for 2011.

- Bayer Asprin was introduced before Band-Aids or NyQuil. Okay, that wasn’t a secret, that was on tonight’s Million Dollar Money Drop. And, it’s not even interesting information. Okay, let’s try again.

- Santa is bringing you some hottie from, fully donned in mistle-toe. Don’t believe us? Just check her out. She’s on one of these pages. All you have to do is message her, be funny charming witty and totally not creepy and she’ll meet up with you. Swear!

- There is a secret way to get any guy or girl to go on a date with you. Listen closely, here it is:   Introduce yourself, say hello and ask them out on a date. Not what you were looking for? Chances are you’re not trying it. You gotta give a little to get a little y’all!

- Dressing in Holiday colors WILL get you noticed. Reindeer ears, even better. Bright red nose? Uh, no, leave that one at home.

- She wants to give you her telephone number. She does! Make eye contact, don’t look away while you introduce yourself, make some witty comment and then go for the kill immediately. DO NOT QUITE MAKING EYE CONTACT. This will seduce her. True, all true, these are great secrets we’re sharing with you, do not belittle our efforts here!

- He wants to pay for your dinner. You just have to “forget” your wallet.

Hope these were fun. Let us know if you have questions, comments, etc, etc by email ( Community [at] onenightfriendfree [dot] com) or Facebook.


Team onenightfriendfree


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