onenightfriendfree Redesigns Site. Less Clutter, Cleaner Look

onenightfriendfree has completely revitalized their User Interface, offering users a faster, cleaner and more streamlined experience.

No More Search Bar

We removed the search bar because we noticed that there wasn’t a need for search. To clarify, we did not remove the ability for people to filter through users by age, gender and location. We removed a search bar because it duplicated the search functionality that users already have with the filter options on the people pages.

New Navigation Bar

We’ve updated the navigation bar to make it easier for users to do what they want to do. We’ve removed all extraneous activies that clutter the experience from both an aesthetic standpoint as well as a usability standpoint.

We analyzed which features users use the most and removed the features that weren’t getting much use. Obviously they weren’t valuable to our users and they were just cluttering the experience for everyone.

New Profile Layout

Again, the old profiles were cluttered! Over the past two years we added many new features to the user experience and kept adding the new additions to the profiles for users to interact with.

When we took a step back, two years later, and really looked at the layout all we saw was clutter. So we cleaned it up by removing the pieces that users weren’t interacting with.

We found that what people really want to do is interact with a profile by viewing videos, sending messages, reading descriptive tags and interactive via 1-on-1 video chat. We made these features prominent and more available while keeping a few other smaller actions, like favoriting profiles and gifting, less prominent.

What do you think of our new layout?


2 Responses to “onenightfriendfree Redesigns Site. Less Clutter, Cleaner Look”

  1. Rick Carstens on April 18th, 2010 7:23 am

    i loved the new design of the site.. this is kewl !!

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