Take the Summer Heat Back to School: California’s Top 10 Colleges to Find the Hottest Girls and Hottest Guys

By, Shandra LaMotte

The end of summer signifies only one thing- the beginning of another school year. In honor of this transition, onenightfriendfree has compiled a list of the top 10 hottest California colleges - those with the best student bodies! While some students dread the end of long days at the beach, some look forward to starting classes again. For students attending schools on our list, going back to school is certainly a lot easier when you can daydream about all the good-looking girls and guys in class.

The reigning champ, San Diego State University, won by a long shot – there were over 2x the amount of ‘hot’ SDSU onenightfriendfree users when compared to our 10th ranked school, Cal State Los Angeles. San Diego State also beat out our second place school, Fresno State, with a 14 percent increase in students described as hot. Moreover, San Diego was the hottest college city in California, beating out Los Angeles by 28 percent. While all of these schools had great looking student bodies, Southern California out-ranked Northern California schools overall with 29 percent more users indentified as hot.

California’s Top 10 “Hottest” Colleges:

10. California State University, Los Angeles
CSU Los Angeles’ School of Nursing is considered to be one of the best in the state of California. Ranked tenth on our list, we sure wouldn’t mind having any one of these hot students as our nurses to take care of us when we are sick.

9. California College of the Arts
A school focused on art and design, California College of the Arts is number nine on our list. With such a good-looking student body, who wouldn’t want to get a “bachelor of fine arts” from this school?

8. University of California, Berkeley
Known for its academic prestige, UC Berkeley was ranked as the third best university in the world by the Academic Ranking of World Universities. Coming in eighth on our list, these hot students are the complete package with both brains and beauty.

7. California State University, Fullerton
CSU Fullerton is well known for its esteemed teacher-training program. With its sexy student body, we would do just about anything to be one of these future teachers’ pets.

6. California State University, Long Beach
Long Beach State is rated as one of the West Coast’s top universities/masters institutions in student body diversity. As the second largest university in the state of California, that means that you are guaranteed to find yourself a hottie, no matter how diverse your tastes are.

5. California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Cal Poly is known for its “learn by doing” philosophy. While this motto is academically geared towards agricultural practices, we have a feeling that with this hot student body, there is plenty of other learning by “doing.”

4. University of California, San Diego
With one of the best surfing programs and triathlon teams in the nation, UCSD has some amazingly in shape, hot beach bodies. That’s why its number four on our list.

3. University of Southern California
With its close proximity to Hollywood, along with its prestigious School of Cinematic Arts, its no wonder USC attracts students with movie star good looks. Hence the reason it’s ranked top three on our list.

2. California State University, Fresno
Fresno State won the NCAA baseball championship in 2008 and we know the reason why - others just strikeout in comparison to Fresno’s hot students.

1. San Diego State University
Playboy ranked SDSU the third biggest party school in 2009. Not only does the school have the hottest students in California, but its students also love to party and have fun. Number one on our list, SDSU sounds like the best school to go back to this September, here are just a few examples why:

So as school approaches and as you are searching for your school sweetheart, check out onenightfriendfree. Regardless of whether or not you attend these schools, you can meet plenty of hot college singles.

onenightfriendfree users meet in video chat sessions, where they use descriptive words or “tags” to describe other people. We calculated our results based on the number of onenightfriendfree student profiles tagged with “hot” by other onenightfriendfree users and the number of onenightfriendfree users in that particular college, creating our onenightfriendfree “hot student body ratio.” Schools with the highest “hot student body ratio” are considered “hotter” relative to other colleges on onenightfriendfree.


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