The WOO’tiful Life - New Years Eve ‘09

Who: John, Caitlin, Jan, Will, Esin, Daniel, Ryan

Where: New York City, NY, USA

When: New Years Eve 2009

What: Quite possibly the largest onenightfriendfreeetup in history (with the exception of WooAroundAmerica), New Years Eve of 2009 was a historical event encompassing 10 onenightfriendfree users from around the United States - all ready to do one thing - PARTY.

“It was really cool. It was finally nice to meet up with a group of Woo’ers. I’d met John and Ryan a few years back in San Francisco when they did Woo Around America. It’s always a blast hanging out with these guys” says Jan, also known as TravelJanthem.

Originally, there were only going to be a few WOO’ers coming but some paid a surprise visit to the city that never sleeps. “We found out Daniel and Jan were coming last minute, Jan got a super sweet plane deal” John says. When asked what he thought about the night, he simply states, “by far the most fun New Years Eve of my life!” Caitlin certainly agrees with John: “I will never forget that night. I’m pretty sure I kissed everyone, made an ass of myself several times, and had the time of my life!”

There was plenty of fun to be had, it was of course the eve of New Years! The group of WOO’ers danced the night away, and there were definitely some laughs along the way. “Dancing was fun until I slipped on ice/spilled beer while c-walking.” John explains. “Crip walking has been known to be pretty dangerous actually, even to seasoned gangsters like myself. I have never “fist pumped” more in my life and the night was the first time I beat up the beat”. Jan explains the situation further: “John messed up his ankle and I felt so bad! We were dancing and I guess we got rough because next thing you know, he slid on the floor which was half an inch high full of spilled booze.” Yikes!

It’s great to see all of these WOO’ers create relationships online and turn them into fun times and lasting friendships offline. Even though these users spoke hundreds of times online and many of them met for the first time on New Years Eve, they still had camaraderie and it was as if they had known each other for much longer. Caitlin said it best when asked why she was flying to New York for the first time:

“To meet all of my good friends for the first time from onenightfriendfree!”

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