Tips & Tricks: Top 5 Ways to Be Funnier In Conversations

by Veronica Twelv

1. Make funny faces. It works for Ace Ventura, it can work for you too. The trick is to practice in the mirror so you’re confident that you know what you look like and to have utter confidence while making the faces. Start with your friends and work your way up to strangers.

Funny faces and more, this video could serve as a great tutorial on how to be funny. Or, at the very least, how to have fun.

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2. Collect a few funny stories that have happened to you and practice telling them to new people you meet. Gauge how these people respond as you tell the story, from beginning, middle to end. Use their responses as feedback to help you elaborate more on the funny parts and cut out the parts that they seem to find boring.

Shirtless guys WOOing girls on cam, always funny.

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3. Be clever. This is hard to teach, but by keeping up to date on current events coupled with some confidence most people can pull this off. This one is all about linking the current moment with related subjects that you pull off the top of your head. Good luck!

Watch 2sexyelephants through down rhymes for their girl Shayla.

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4. Be in control of your own laughter. Try keeping a straight face while you’re being funny, especially when others are laughing. This gives you more control over your audience. This doesn’t mean you can’t laugh at all, but it should be timed and delivered.

If Shayla kept a straight face do you think she could have turned this romantic video into a funny one?

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5. Poke fun at yourself. Pay attention at all times to what you are saying and notice when you say something, or think something, that might be a little silly. Poke fun at yourself and watch others laugh with you. This is harder than making fun of someone else, but funnier because people don’t always think it’s funny when you laugh at them.

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