Top 10 Cities to Meet the Sexiest People in America

Top 10 Cities to Meet the Sexiest People in America
by Shandra LaMotte

Lonely this summer and looking for a summer fling? Want to flirt with and meet the sexiest people in America? In effort to help you find and connect with that special sexy someone this summer, onenightfriendfree has compiled a list of our top 10 U.S. cities with the sexiest people. Pack your bags or log-on to onenightfriendfree and check out these cities if you want a little “sizzle” this summer.

10. San Jose, CA

According to, the “fun never stops” in this town and when you’re surrounded by so many sexy people, why would it? It’s the third largest city in California and number 10 on our list.

9. Lincoln, NE

Lincoln teens have one of the nation’s highest high school graduation rates among residents 25 years old and over. Beauty and brains - impressive.

8. Anchorage, AK

As the northern most U.S. state, Anchorage may be cold, but the sight of any onenightfriendfree user from this city could warm our bodies and souls. With its All-American hotties, who’d be surprised to hear Anchorage was named “All-American City” four times?

7. Sacramento, CA

While it used to be the gold rush center, Sacramento is now striking gold in good looks.

6. Wichita, KS

Wichita was originally established as the “Air Capital of the World” because of early 10th century aircraft pioneers. It now has the same connotation because its sexy citizens make our hearts take flight.

Labeled as the City of Angels, there no wondering why L.A. made top 5 we know the inhabitants’ sexy looks are heavenly, to say the least.

5. Los Angeles, CA

4. Beverly Hills, CA

The show “Beverly Hills, 90210,” introduced us to wealth and beauty in this city. It’s ranked number 4 on our list because of everyone’s movie star good looks.

3. San Diego, CA

Located on the California coast, San Diego gives us many reasons to rank it number 3. One of the main reasons all the perfectly tanned, swimsuit bodies.

2. Kansas City, MO

We are not surprised this city has hot, humid summers, since we are burning up for its sexy residents.

1. Honolulu, HI

Many people vacation in Hawaii, namely Honolulu because of its beautiful beaches and great weather. However, we’ve uncovered the real reason why - all the sexy, beautiful, and hot people who inhabit the city. Honolulu is our number 1 sexiest city - just check out these Honolulu hotties and see why:

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There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Whether you’re going on vacation, plan to move, or just want to video chat with and meet some sexy people, check out onenightfriendfree and say “aloha!” to some of the sexiest people in America.

onenightfriendfree users meet in video chat sessions, where they use descriptive words or “tags” to describe other people. We calculated our results based on number of onenightfriendfree profiles tagged with “sexy” by other onenightfriendfree users and number of onenightfriendfree users in that particular city, creating our onenightfriendfree “sexy city heat index.” Cities with the highest “sexy city heat index” are considered “sexier” relative to other cities on onenightfriendfree.


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