Top 10 Cities to Wear Your Party Panties

by Shandra LaMotte

After a long week at work or school, there’s no better way to relieve your stress than going out to a bar, club, or pub. So rather than looking at the cities with the best night life scene, onenightfriendfree wanted to examine the people who make the social scene in those cities so great. I mean, c’mon, what the point in going out to a great club without some entertaining people to party with? This list is dedicated to the bar crawlers, the dancers, and the beer pong aficionados around the United States.

10. Miami

With girls who not only have great bikini bodies, but who also love to go out at all hours of the night, it’s a surprise more people don’t live in Miami.

9. Houston

Rumor is that everything is bigger and better in Texas (wink wink), and partying is by no means the exception.

8. Las Vegas

Vegas is known as Sin City, and it’s no surprise Vegas residents live a life filled with sinful partying as well.

7. Chicago

This “City that Works” should more appropriately be known as the “city that works hard and plays hard”.

6. New York

With more than 20,000 restaurants and an endless number bars and clubs, there are always plenty of people drinking, dancing, partying, and becoming part of the city that never sleeps.

5. Dallas

The origin of frozen margaritas, it makes sense Dallas citizens know how to party and have a good time.

4. San Diego

Famed for having the best climate in the United States, San Diego attracts people who love to have “fun in the sun.”

3. Orlando

As stated by Exploration Orlando, “Orlando is a party city, but I don’t think it is known as such, because it is over shadowed by the family friendly theme park aspect, but once the tired tourist turn in for the night, you will see the city come alive”.

2. Atlanta

Atlanta’s eclectic nightlife suits every style of partying and getting loose - giving those who live there no excuse to stay at home at night.

1. Beverly Hills

As Beverly Hills was once part of Hollywood, it’s no wonder those girls and guys love to party, club, and drink.

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True to Tupac’s song, California knows how to party. The percentage of California residents who like to party is about 20% higher than the percentage of party users from the cities on the rest of our list. Additionally, Beverly Hills citizens claimed they liked to go out nearly 1.5x more than those in Miami. Both Texas and Florida residents were on our list twice as well. Therefore, if you are looking for a good time, check out California, Texas or Florida.

onenightfriendfree provides people with a fun space to meet fellow partiers in environments outside of a club or bar, therefore allowing for more sober conversation. Users meet in video chat sessions and they have the opportunity to build out information in their profiles. We calculated our results based on the percentage of onenightfriendfree profiles who stated they were “in their element” in a club, at a bar, or at a pub per city. Cities with the highest “party index” were considered to have bigger partiers relative to other cities on onenightfriendfree.


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