Top 10 Places to Meet Other People for Fun and for Free

By Veronica Twelv

Where do you go when you want to pump it up and take meeting people to the next level? We surveyed our community and found the Top 10 places they like to go to meet someone new! Because meeting new people should always be this fun.

video chat about PUMP THAT UP!!!

10. A Bar. A common place to go to meet new people, the quality of the people you’re likely to meet at a bar is going to be far lower than if  you meet someone while participating in an activity you both enjoy that doesn’t involve lowered inhibitions and increased libido.

9. At a concert - most people on onenightfriendfree are young, fun and have good taste in music. Why not pick up a cutie at a Katy Perry concert to make out with during the hit single “I kissed a girl and I liked it.” I hope you bring along some cherry chapstick.

8. At the library. He’s got his nose in a book which is probably a good sign that he’s not a player and knows how to stay focused!

7. At school. Many onenightfriendfree users are still in college and find their best matches are made in the classroom, or perhaps the frat house down the street.

6. Coffee Shop. Nothing says debonair like a dude sipping a chai tea whole milk latte in a leather chair reading the Wall Street Journal during his lunch break.

5. The gym. He’s all sweaty, you know he takes care of himself and you get to show him how well taken care of you are as well. There’s nothing hotter than that.

4. At work. This is a great place to meet someone and see how they deal with other people, stress, work ethic and motivation. Things can get a bit sticky if it doesn’t work out, however, so be careful because it could compromise your job.

3. At the dog park. If you’ve got an animal and want to find someone who can also love your furry friend your best bet is to go where other pet owners are. Heck, even if you don’t have an animal this would be a great place to find a date if you’re looking for someone who probably knows how to cuddle and take care of something other than themselves.

2. House Party. Meeting your friend’s friends is perfect because they’ve already done the work of getting to know them for you. They won’t invite people they don’t like, right? Right, so grab a hand and drag it into the bedroom for a little fun because a house party is the only place where it’s okay to lead that cutie to the bedroom for your first “date”.

1. onenightfriendfree -duh. Of course we’re the best place to meet people for fun and for free, what could be a better than a free hookup site with in-browser voice and video technology? Meet people from the safety and privacy of your own home. If you meet someone you don’t like there’s always the end button (which you don’t have in “real” life I might add.)


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