Top 10 Ways to Cure your New Year’s Hangover


It’s still 2009 and it’s your last chance to make those bad decisions before starting anew in 2010! Tonight you can drink without abandon, sleep with the wrong people, spill your red wine on your best friend’s Winston-Salem couch, throw up in your neighbor’s bathroom floor… etc. etc.

2010 is a brand new year, a chance for you to start fresh. You can finally be the you you always knew you could be. You’ll be on time, you’ll be the first to get your work projects completed, you’ll exercise every morning and lose that 15 pounds you haven’t been able to loose since your freshman year in college and maybe you’ll even become marriage material. How exciting!

But first, you’ll have to sooth your aching headache and upset tummy from the debaucherous and heinous 2009 New Year’s Eve activities.

(cartoon by raptorialtalon)

Top 10 Ways to Cure that Hangover and Start the 2010 New Year as the Person You Always Knew You Could Be

1. Drink Gatorade. I suggest buying this the night before so you don’t have to crawl to the liquor store the morning after your drinking. This is the best drink you can get because it will hydrate you, won’t make you feel nauseous and will replenish electrolytes (salts) in your body which aids the re-hydration process.

2. Take a nap. You probably woke up too early after going to bed at 5am. A heavy night of drinking can cause you to pass out, but as your body starts to sober up you may wake up before you’ve gotten the required amount of sleep needed for your brain to function correctly the next day. A nap will be sorely needed.

3. Hair of the Dog that Bit You. Sure it’s 10 o’clock in the morning but you’re sick; it’s okay to start your New Year off with a shot of Tequila to calm your stomach and your nerves, right? Sure it is. Just as long as you resolve not to continue drinking every morning… you are trying to straighten up and fly right this year remember.

4. Take a shower. You probably reek of alcohol and sweat, especially if you woke up next to a stranger. Do yourself and the rest of the world a favor and take a shower to freshen up.

5. Have some coffee. This will help you wake up and also give you the illusion of sobering up if you’re still half drunk from the night before.

6. Drink water. Duh. You’re hungover because you’re dehydrated. Gatorade is better to start with as it’s easier to stomach and doesn’t have the nauseating effects that water has first thing in the morning. But after the initial nausea fades water is your most important asset for getting through the day.

7. Eat some food. Heavy food like eggs and toast will help you fill your stomach and reduce queasiness. Make sure you hydrate with Gatorade first to reduce the nauseating effects you probably feel from all of last night’s drinks.

8. Take an advil. This works better than Tylenol, not sure why! Take it after you eat something to protect your fragile little tummy.

9. Eat some sugar. Because alcohol is largely made up of sugars you’re apt to be going through some withdrawals the next morning. The added sugar to your diet will help you feel stabilized and normal so you can function for the rest of the day.

10. Don’t drink again that night. While the tips above will provide short term relief chances are you won’t feel fully recovered until the next day, so don’t drink again right away and ruin your recovery. Besides, it’s officially the New Year and you’ve promised yourself to be successful, healthy and bright, right?

Here’s to you and a successful New Year! Go out and impress some people with the new you, you deserve it!


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