Wenis (or Weinus) - Funny Friday Word of the Day

People talk with words. You know, language. People use onenightfriendfree to share words with each other. This is also known as “chatting”.

Therefore, Funny Friday is dedicated to all of the funny words that people use while chatting over video.

Today’s word of the week is “wenis” or, alternatively, “weinus”.


Refers to the skin of your elbow. This word is awesome. It sounds sexual, but is not. It sounds gross, but is in fact a very interesting part of the body that does not react to pain when pinched. Try it. Pinch your wenis, you cannot feel a thing!


Refers to a small male penis. A derogatory term that should never be used within earshot of the person you are referring to.

[Obviously we are not going to show a picture of this one. That would be porn. You can go to Chatroulette to find that lol].


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