What Makes onenightfriendfree Different From Other Online Dating Sites

We’re keeping things simple because people come to onenightfriendfree to meet other people, not spend countless hours answering psych profiles or mindless quizzes about whether or not you prefer dogs over cats.

Sites like OK Cupid and eHarmony are great for whittling away time, but not everyone is trying to find the “perfect” mate via countless hours in front of the computer answering questionnaires. We have the utmost respect for this process and the companies that help facilitate it, but it’s just not what we’re about.

We just think it’s more fun to get to the bare bones right away which is why we offer a unique spin when it comes to dating online:  Video chat.

We offer video chat as a way for people to meet one another in a casual setting and get down to the nitty gritty right away. We’ve always found video chat to be one of the best ways to get to know a stranger because you can’t pretend to be someone you’re not over video chat the way you can with a static profile.

Many questionnaires offered by other dating sites incorporate basic psychology strategies to filter out mistruths and compensate for the human inclination to make themselves look better then they really are. However, nothing will prepare you for a real life meeting the way video chat will.

The flattering poses in pictures won’t translate over video if the person isn’t who they’ve made themselves out to be. Someone who appears witty, charming, attractive and physically fit in their profile can turn out to be a dunce in real life.

Come chat with some people and to see what we’re talking about. We’re less expensive than most dating sites and offer you the opportunity to meet real people live, in your area, for free hookup and online dating.

If your nervous check out some of our free dating advice and tips that will help you articulate yourself on a first date or find out what to do with your date on your first night away from webcam.

Let us know what you think in our online communities, we’re always keen to hear what you’re thinking.

onenightfriendfree, ftw!


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