What’s better than an iPad 2?


Our new Facebook application just launched, and it is already becoming the new and exciting way for people to find out what their friends are saying about them! Chances are, someone you know is already answering a quiz question about you as you read this!

The application has three distinct sections, including:

Friend quiz - Answer amusing questions about your friends, like “Would John wink at somebody he didn’t know” or “Would Jane have a threesome”. If you are not sure you can always skip to another person but where is the fun in that? Choose from three possible answers and decide how your pals will react!

Girls/guys near you – If you are interested in meeting someone new, click here to find sexy singles in your city to flirt with. If you see someone that catches your attention, send them a “nudge” and make the first move.

Messages – Want to get to know those singles a little more? Send them a message… and maybe you’ll end up with a date for Friday. Next thing you’ll know, someone will be saying “YES!” to you being the life of the party.

Check out the application and let us know what you think. I’m betting that you’ll need something to keep you busy until they release the new iPad 2, so what are you waiting for?


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