WOO’er Walk of Fame contestant #1 – Neezy


Now presenting, the first contestant in our “Be a star on the WOO’er Walk of Fame” competition is 21 year-old Neezyfbaby hailing from Oceanside, CA. She has been a onenightfriendfree user since March 2009 and users describe her as “cute” and “hot”. She is a self-proclaimed “dork” and explains in her profile:

“you can call me baby. no, im not your baby im neezy f***in baby… dun forget the f around me”

Neezy tells us on Twitter that she “is an all star wooer because you posted me on your blog explaining the purpose of woo me!!!!”. We don’t exactly remember doing that, but that sounds like something we’d do – thank god for live video so we can relive special moments on onenightfriendfree. Here is Neezy talking to Jermira about being “all dressed up with no where to go”:

video chat about im hear 2 tlk 2 u

Neezy, as our first contestant is setting the bar high for the rest of our competitors – do you think she’s got what it takes to win a star on The WOO’er Walk of Fame? Or do you think you could shake-rattle-roll Neezy and leave her in the dust as you take top honors? Either way, make sure and enter our contest to win a spot on The WOO’er Walk of Fame and $500 worth of onenightfriendfree credits!

Do you have what it takes to be FEATURED on the WOO’er Walk of Fame?

In order to be nominated for the WOO’er Walk of Fame, you must:
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3) Tweet us @onenightfriendfree and tell us why you are an All-Star Woo’er!


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