WOO’er Walk of Fame contestant #2 – Spencer


The next contestant in our “Be a star on the WOO’er Walk of Fame” contest is Spencer aka Spence the Fence aka LacrosseTeen88 from Mount Pleasant, MI! onenightfriendfree users describe him as “amazingly”, “sweet” and “ehh”. Here is a video of Spencer and Jack doing their best impersonations. Watch out for rdot at the end:

video chat about Where Is my Hero Rdot? Really

Spencer always has fun in sessions and has even earned “Most Favorited WOO’er of the Week” for October ’09. He loves giving advice to other users and meeting others online in live video chat sessions. Below is a tutorial for The Do’s and Don’ts for video chat:

Spencer is a funny dude who knows what it takes to be an All-Star WOO’er – can he win a star on The WOO’er Walk of Fame? Or do you think you could school Spencer and take the Award? Either way, make sure and enter our contest to win a spot on The WOO’er Walk of Fame and $500 worth of onenightfriendfree credits!

Do you have what it takes to be FEATURED on the WOO’er Walk of Fame?

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3) Tweet us @onenightfriendfree and tell us why you are an All-Star WOO’er!


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